Over 40 Days Since My Last Post

July 21, 2008 § 1 Comment


Selam alaykum all! Someone has brought to my attention that it has been over 40 days since my last post. And this has been the longest stint that I have withheld a post from this blog since 2005. But as it were, I just don’t have much to say. Before I had a shaykh, I had a lot to say. Probably because I thought very highly of myself and my faith. Before I was witness to someone that exhibited the Holy Prophet’s lifestyle, in a way that we can’t understand from reading hadith or listening to our Islamic stories, I thought my little blog posts were invaluable. How foolish was I?

The reality is that as the Holy Nights quickly approach and quickly pass I struggle with myself to stay up an extra hour to make a little zikr before bed or to wake up in the night and make salatul tasbih. The reality is that if it weren’t for the support of my shaykh I probably wouldn’t spend one late night in prayer. I can see that very easily. So in light of all of that, what can I say to you all… nothing.

The best thing that I can do is warn you against my own mistakes, something that I have tasted – quite frequently I might add – in thinking that my ibadat is sufficient. It is better to be humble and struggle for your Lord, that time the dawah is natural and you have to do nothing. I’m not quoting any text this time, I’m not citing any great masters or shuyukh from the past, I am merely talking what is coming to my heart. May Allah Almighty forgive me for my heedlessness and may He bless you all, amin.

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