Muslim Cemetery Becomes Lesson on Tolerance

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Renaissance Man, SEYFETTİN Releases Debut Album

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Finally! I’m releasing my debut album, an EP titled ‘Harlem Renaissance’, internationally on January 6, 2011. It is currently available as digital download only in the US, UK and parts of Europe. The album is four carefully selected tracks, leading-off with every manic New Yorker’s anthem, I Wanna Go Upstate and eventually slowing things down with the dark dance groove My Dear Michele.

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Hans Hass: We Want [Sidney] Town Board To Admit Mistake

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"満作(まんさく)" By TANAKA Juuyoh


FB6DTKGP2ZEK My name is Hans Hass. I’m a member of the Sufi Muslim community center in Sidney Center that has been in the news lately. Most likely some of you have seen some things in the news or on T.V. If you haven’t, you can click on the links below. Unfortunately, Sidney has gotten a lot of negative publicity nationally from this, and it seems to be going international. None of us wanted this to become such a big deal. I am writing to you as businesspeople in Sidney to ask for your help in laying this matter to rest. (H. Hass, Osmanli Naks’i-bendi Dergahi)

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Stephen Colbert Wants To ‘Keep Fear Alive’ At My Brother’s Expense

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Stephen Colbert

“The residents of Sidney New York want the “living” Muslims to dig up the dead and buried Muslims and get them outta there….. Because they’re Muslim carcasses. They may become zombies, or worse. Vampires.” (Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report)

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MSNBC: Keith Olberman Nominates Bob McCarthy, ‘The Worst Person In the World’

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For more on the story see Huffington Post article.

Please feel free to send Mr. McCarthy a polite note expressing your concerns.

Sidney Town Supervisor (Bob McCarthy)

Mailing Address:
Robert McCarthy
41 Wood Road
Sidney, NY 13838
Cell Phone:

Huffington Post: Tiny Upstate New York Town Wants Local Muslims to Dig Up Their Cemetery

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Amir and Yunus Grave Site
Grave site for Amir Celoski and Yunus Iqbal

Front Page on Huffington Post

A town in upstate New York is trying to force a local Muslim religious community to dig up a small cemetery on its property and never bury anyone there again because it says it’s illegal.

“What we would not want is an unauthorized cemetery,” says Bob McCarthy, town supervisor of the Delaware County town of Sidney, population 5,993. “We’re taking care of a bunch of cemeteries, and they just came in and buried the bodies, and didn’t go through…there’s no funding there, it’s not a standard kind of deal, and it’s going to become a liability to the town.”

So what steps have the Muslims skipped? “I don’t know what the exact law is,” he says.

Which is the problem; because whether or not the town government likes it, there are no laws in Sidney — or New York state, for that matter — covering cemeteries on private land — religious cemeteries included. Plus, the town approved the cemetery in 2005….

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The New York Times: Message To Muslims – “I’m Sorry”

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"Hydrangea Revisited" by John

“I hereby apologize to Muslims for the wave of bigotry and simple nuttiness that has lately been directed at you. The venom on the airwaves, equating Muslims with terrorists, should embarrass us more than you. Muslims are one of the last minorities in the United States that it is still possible to demean openly, and I apologize for the slurs.” (Kristof, The New York Times)

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