Stephen Colbert Wants To ‘Keep Fear Alive’ At My Brother’s Expense

September 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

Stephen Colbert

“The residents of Sidney New York want the “living” Muslims to dig up the dead and buried Muslims and get them outta there….. Because they’re Muslim carcasses. They may become zombies, or worse. Vampires.” (Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report)

I like a good joke as much as anyone, however this was hard for me to laugh at. For obvious reasons, I didn’t laugh at all. The only thing I could do was think about my brothers; my friends in those graves, their family members and the fact that the Sidney, NY town-supervisor, Bob McCarthy, is threatening to exhume the bodies we recently buried.

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§ 4 Responses to Stephen Colbert Wants To ‘Keep Fear Alive’ At My Brother’s Expense

  • Jay Tea says:

    You mean, someone’s actually proposing to emulate the actions of the Palestinians on the Temple Mount, who are systematically removing and destroying any and all evidence that the Jews ever occupied that area and built two temples up there, centuries before the conquering Muslims put up the two mosques? How DARE they!!!!

    Oh, I understand why this is so outrageous. Here, they’re actually openly acknowledging it, while in Jerusalem (which, as I understand it, is never actually mentioned in the Koran, let alone cited as where Mohammed last set foot on earth) they’re denying it and doing it secretly. It’s only when you’re honest that it’s bad.


    • SEYFETTİN says:


      It’s only when you’re honest that it’s bad.

      Jay-Tea, there is nothing wrong with being honest as long as you are willing to be just as honest with yourself and others when you make a mistake.


  • Dr X says:


    People don’t forfeit their rights because somewhere, someone of the same ethnicity or religion is doing something wrong. We are not a nation of tribal law or tribal accountability.

    In the United States, we don’t punish people for the crimes of friends, family, relatives or people of the same background. Crimes are in our actions, not in our DNA. We are judged and held accountable for our actions alone, not the fantasies of others or the actions of others.

  • Maria says:

    keith Olberman is the biggest idiot in the USA. he’s a joke, and his words or comments should be taken as such.

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