Which One is A Holy Gathering?

March 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Osmanli Naks-i'bendi Gathering

Gathering A

The Knowledge of Islam School

Gathering B

I keep getting these emails from a certain school in Queens. They are having classes at a reduced rate, mashaAllah! A few years back I invested in these  and other classes for myself and my family. If you are wondering the results well, lets just say that I would not be the ideal interview.  So when I receive these emails I am wondering why would I pay so much money for a trickle of something that comes as a  free-flowing river at no cost?

I know this is a rhetorical question and the answer is obvious but I thought it would make an interesting post. I am certainly not claiming to know with certainty what is and what isn’t a Holy gathering, but I am asking Allah Almighty to show me the difference and trusting my heart to know the difference. shukr ya Rabbi (thank you O’ Lord).

And for those who pick Gathering B, unless you have been to both gatherings, I know better than you.

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