February 23, 2009 § 4 Comments

Selam alaykum. This blog has been around for a good number of years and I’ve received a good deal of comments over the years. Some good and some bad, the bad comments are partly the reason that I developed the comment policy. But over the past few months I have taken some time off of this blog and in that time I have received an unpresidented number of comments. There have been many “selams” and “thank you’s”, there have also been a fair share of “f*&$ you’s” as well 🙂 So I would like to make this post a general response to all of the “selams” and “thank you’s” offering back selams to everyone, even those who aren’t so polite. Thank you for your comments, there are just too many to respond to all of them over the next few days but I will revisit the blog a bit more frequently than the past few months to return comments and perhaps post something you may find interesting, inshaAllah. So lets see how it goes.


§ 4 Responses to Comments

  • Anwar says:

    Aslam alikum a rahmatullah

    It is nice to hear form you. I hope every thing is well with you and your family.

    Rabi un noor Mubarak and A happy eid milad un nabi (may Peace and Blessings be upon him).

  • Saifuddin says:

    wa alaykum selam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh!

    Anwar!!! Its very good to hear from you. Its been so long… we should talk, iA. Email me if you get a chance.

    And have a happy and joyous mawlid an nabi (may Peace and Blessings be upon him).

  • sheilaX says:

    And a hearty shalom to you too, my friend.

  • Saifuddin says:

    Ah… Selam alaykum sheilaX. Its been a while eh… glad to hear from you. I will be returning to blogging slowly but surely, inshaAllah.

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