How Do Jews Pray (Part 2)

October 12, 2008 § 6 Comments

hat-tip: Chajms Sicht

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§ 6 Responses to How Do Jews Pray (Part 2)

  • Imtiaz says:

    Very Interesting Akhi – Jazzak Allah Khair Awesomeness !

  • James says:

    Better tag “How an Ultra-Orthodox Jew Prays” Not being Jewish I won’t comment on weather this example is Kosher or not. It is out of the mainstream of Jewish Practice. Even the poster admits his practices are a minority position.

    An even better tag would be “How a very small group of Ultra- Orthodox Jews Prays” as this man can only point to some 20 odd fellow Jews that follow this program of worship. I will admit that from such small acorns might oaks may grow.

  • as-salamu-alakum

    This is first time i have seen Jewish prayer.

    thanks for sharing.

  • Saifuddin says:


    James! How is it going? I am not an expert on these things, but I do think it is true that this video represents a minority of strict orthodoxy.


  • s sheikh says:

    I have seen this for the first time . Its good for education and knowlrdge. Its important to know about other religions.

  • Dee says:

    I’m a newly observant Jew, I’ve seen many types of prayer, but this is very different! It’s a very ancient practice; you won’t find it in most modern communities. But yes, it goes to show we are all from Abraham.

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