Entry Into A Sufi Circle

April 23, 2008 § 2 Comments

If you read, if you practice, you may qualify for a Sufi circle. If you only read, you will not. If you think you have had experiences upon which you can build, you may not qualify.

Words alone do not communicate: there must be something prepared, of which the words are a hint.

Practice alone does not perfect humanity. Man needs the contact of the truth, initially in a form which will help him.

What is suitable and unexceptionable for one time and place is generally limited, unsuitable or a hindrance in another time and place. This is true in the search and also in many fields of ordinary life.

Hope and work so that you may be acceptable to a Sufi circle. Do not try to judge it or its members unless you would not normally believe. It makes you disbelieve things you should ordinarily believe.

If you cannot overcome greed, exercise it only where you can see it working, do not bring it into the circle of initiates. (Nazir al-Kazvini an-Naks-i’bendi)


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§ 2 Responses to Entry Into A Sufi Circle

  • Andree Marie says:

    I am very interested in studying Sufism – I live in Oakland, CA and work alot. I am hoping to find a place where I can seriously study. I am ready at this time in my life to go deeper into what is really real.

    • moizbillah says:

      I recommend the blog on poetic social spiritual uproar which has a few posts on the Hidden and Manifestness of God as well as other social issues. moizbillah.wordpress.com


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