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namaz, originally uploaded by kapkara.

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    [Image] MashaAllah! Muslims Praying in a Snow Storm

    Wow this is beautiful.

  • MashaALLAH By Allah accept there pray and forgive us all, ameen.

  • Muslims are obliged to perform Salat Five times a day and one cannot leave it for any reason except insanity? If you are sick and you don’t fast there is no penalty. If you are poor and you have no money to give Zakat there is no penalty. If you cannot afford to go to Hajj there is no penalty. But for leaving Salat there is a very high penalty – hellfire. Wa Ma Bainal Kufr Wal Iman – Hua Tark Ussalah – What is between belief and disbelief is leaving prayer. So there is no way, no excuse for any sick person, for a person with or without money, he or she has to perform mandated Salat. The sick person who cannot pray standing can sit and pray; who cannot pray sitting prays lying down, one who can’t pray lying down may pray with his eyes. Salat has to be performed. Oh Muslims don’t avoid giving Salat its pending importance and listen to the command of Almighty Alloh.

    Salat is the identity of Muslims. The one who does not perform five times Fard Salat in a non-Islamic country, fellow Muslims should amicably pursue the matter in such a manner that the pursued understands and develops likeness to perform it regularly. In an Islamic nation, it is a state’s responsibility that all the Muslims perform Salat.

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