Science Uses Miracle of the Heart

January 15, 2008 § 1 Comment

Scientists have recently taken hearts from rat cadavers and infused them with live heart cells according to AFP. Science is using the miracle of the human heart to develop this new breakthrough in modern medicine. This procedure allowed the scientists to get the once non-functional hearts to beat again, something reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein.

Their hope is to one day extend this procedure to human subjects which, in theory, could provide an endless supply heart and perhaps other organs. One of the reasons this method was successful is because of the miracle of the heart. Heart cells beat, they know how to beat and pulsate, it is something held within the primal nature of the organ.

For example, live heart cells will beat inside or outside of the body. It is a phenomenon that is quite remarkable. The heart cells will continuously beat, just like a heart, when sitting atop a glass slide under a microscope, subhanAllah! And as scientists continue their experiments this phenomenon will be utilized to further develop medical procedures for patients with heart disease and other heart illnesses suggested by Doris Taylor, lead researcher for the project,

“The idea would be to develop transplantable blood vessels or whole organs that are made from your own cells,” (AFP)

This is the first successful run with an actual heart and should be congratulated. But for all of their successes I find the wording and imagery that they are choosing to discuss this medical finding very interesting. Because in fundamentally, they are not bringing the heart back to life, but merely building a bridge for the life that exists in the one entity to be transferred to another. Nothing is being created here, merely administered as Allah Almighty has designed,

“Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth” (02:30, Tran. Pickthal)

The angels questioned Allah Almighty about this, and were skeptical of the integrity of Allah’s viceroy. But in response He merely said,

“Surely I know that which ye know not.” (02:30, Tran. Pickthal)

In these days it is very difficult to follow the orders of Allah. Most people are only accepting what they think is best for them, for their ego. This idea is supported by most agents of information: universities, radio, television, magazines and all forms of mainstream media. People are learning to have preferences from an early age but that understanding is never maturing to higher stations of wisdom. And what we end up with is everyone running around saying, ‘I like this and I don’t like that’.

Consequently, when this kind of mind begins to identify with those preferences and is then presented a magazine for instance, the person begins to accept what they see in the magazine as their tradition. But the magazine and any other consumer based multi-national corporate product is merely a way for certain people to make more money, they are not interested in really helping you. And who is running these organizations, are they following the orders of Allah Almighty?

We, the Children of Adam (a.s.) have been honored by Allah Almighty. So we have to try, and try hard to carry that honor otherwise things will be so much worse for us. And what could be worse than falling from the lofty station of honor by Allah Almighty to a lower station than the animals. This scientific discovery has great potential, but keep in mind we are merely the administrators here on Earth. The energy causing the heart cell to beat cannot be created by our scientists, it can only be conducted from one place to another. Its source, an unknown, that remains a scientific mystery.


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