Be Concerned With What Concerns You

November 24, 2007 § 6 Comments

These blogs can be a very dangerous thing, if we are not careful our good intentions, no matter who we are, will hurt and harm rather than benefit ourselves and others. Someone once told me that, ‘Intentions are good, but good intentions are not enough. For example, we can intend to eat, but is our intention going to give our bodies daily nourishment? No! After we intend to eat we must eat.’ That is to say, intentions are not enough, actions must follow our intentions and if our intentions are good intentions it is good actions that must follow in order to achieve what was desired in our good intention.

This is something that may sound easy but is not always an easy thing to accomplish. We are trying to lineup our hearts and with our actions so that we achieve something pure instead of something dirty. We would like our pure intention to remain so and not soiled in ego. Stained and filthy. What goes wrong between the point of our intention and the committed action making the result so ugly? “Firstly, we have to make intention to become servants to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).”

If this is the intention it changes the way in which we approach our actions. If our intention is to serve our Lord, we will change our approach to that of a servant at that time and servants obey, they do not command. So if we are thinking on it, just for a moment we will be forced to ask ourselves, “What am I being commanded by my Lord?” Rather than saying, “I am making the intention…” making intention to do such and such. Perhaps it is good to say, I am making intentions to do this or that but it is better before making your intention to ask what is it that my Lord asks of me? Once we answer this question, it is from here that good intentions come.

Putting our intentions and actions in the context of serving our Lord also makes things real. When I think of serving my Lord, I cannot help but to also think of our limited time on this Earth. We have so little time to serve, Azrail could be coming for us at any second; any minute; any hour or any day. So we do not have much time, we must serve our Lord making intention to do only what he is commanding us, putting things that don’t concern us aside. For example, you are a car engineer, fixing cars and you may know something about rocket engines. You read and you may know something. But you should not enter in it so much in details because you are a car mechanic. You are not a mechanic for rockets. So you should leave that knowledge aside and you should concentrate on what is for you and to be expert on that. Leaving aside that which does not concern us.

This is how blogs become a problem, it allows us to enter and engage others about things that don’t concern us. We should not interfere into the knowledge that does not concern you and me. We should ask, we should learn, we should progress, we should take and we should put in our lives the knowledge that concerns us. If it doesn’t concern us then we should leave it. It’s not our business. Otherwise, we will not receive anything from it. We will just be getting more burdens from it, carrying other’s burdens on our backs. Which reminds me of a story,

There were two men in a small Fulani village. The men both had hunched backs and it was a heavy burden they have bore since they were small children. One day one of the two men named Jallo, known for his gambling was drunken of wine near a dirt road. Suddenly, to Jallo’s surprise, appeared a small lodge. Smoke was coming out of the chimney, he could smell fresh bread coming from the lodge and he heard the sound of Allah’s Beautiful Names being chanted over and over again. So he entered the lodge and found himself in the company of a Shaykh and a number of dervish. The Shaykh saw Jallo enter the courtyard and shouted to the dervish surrounding him,

“What day is it?”

All the dervish looked at the Shaykh with serious faces and answered him very matter-of-factly,

“Its Tuesday!”

Now Jallo was very certain it was not Tuesday and he thought to say something, just then the Shaykh said to Jallo,

“You there, hunchback, what day is it?”

Jallo hesitated for a moment and he said, O my Master, you know what day it is, its Tuesday.

“Ah, yes Tuesday!”Exclaimed the Shaykh.

Just then Jallo’s hunch shriveled and disappeared. He was so happy he jumped for joy while thanking his Lord. Before leaving, sent a thousand salaams to the Shaykh and the dervish and hurried out of the lodge back to the small Fulani village, completely forgetting about wine and gambling. On the way back he came across the other hunchback man named Bah. Bah was astonished to see Jallo walking upright. So Bah inquired about this miracle and Jallo told him the whole story.

Immediately, Bah went looking for the lodge. He could not find it so he supplicated the Lord of the Heavens. Saying,

“O Allah, you allowed Jallo to walk upright. I am more deserving of your reward than he, for he is a drunkard and a cheat and despite my hunchback I worship you continuously. Please allow me to find the lodge so that I may meet the Shaykh and benefit.”

Just then the lodge appeared, just as it did for Jallo. Bah went inside and like Jallo came to the courtyard where he found a Shaykh in the company of dervish. And just as before the Shaykh shouted,

“What day is it?”

And the dervish replied just as before,

“Its Tuesday!”

When Bah heard this he thought to himself, this is wrong, it is not Tuesday. Then the Shaykh said to Bah,

“You there, hunchback, what day is it?”

And Bah said,

“O my Master, I’m afraid the dervish have given you the wrong day, it is in fact Wednesday.”

The Shaykh shouted,

“What! Wednesday?”

Just then Bah’s burdened doubled when his hunch instantly grew another hunch of equal size. Weighing him down twice as much as with his single hunch. Bah lost nearly all of his good senses and stumbled out of the lodge like a mad-man carrying the burdens of two hunches on his back. This is a lesson for me and for you, if you do not want it, leave it and I will take it to myself, wa min Allahu taufiq inshaAllah ar-Rahman.


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§ 6 Responses to Be Concerned With What Concerns You

  • Saifuddin says:


    as-salaamu ‘alaikum. Being concerned only with what concerns me is a lesson that I am learning right now. It is something that I am finding essential to spiritual progress. The overburdened man cannot progress, it is better to carry only your load that way we can make some progress in this life.


  • Sufyan Yunus says:


    Assalamu alaikum Sidi Saifuddin,

    Firstly, mashaAllah, great post and blog. InshaAllah Ta’ala may Allah Ta’ala continue to bless you in giving us knowledge. Ameen.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Blogs have a lot good to them, to spread knowledge to others, yet there is also the bad, as you stated, by engaging in things that do not concern anyone. I constantly see this on blogs that post things only for the sake of ratings, to get more hits. When we truly focus on what concerns us, we learn the flaws of our ways, inshaAllah, work to correct ourselves. And as you stated, this is essential in progressing spiritually.May Allah Ta’ala truly purify our intentions. Ameen.

    Also, I agree with you when you state that intentions should be followed by actions. I’ve been pondering over this same situation for awhile now because I have had some say to me, “Well, at least I had the intention.” Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad says it best when he said: “Knowledge is not of any benefit without action, just as a lamp is not of any benefit until it is lit.” May Allah Ta’ala allow us to act in His Way with pure intentions. Ameen.

    May Allah Ta’ala bless you always Sidi,


    Sufyan Yunus

  • Saifuddin says:


    wa ‘alaikum as-salaam. Abu Sufyan you wrote,

    “When we truly focus on what concerns us, we learn the flaws of our ways, inshaAllah, work to correct ourselves.”

    InshaAllah we are able to correct ourselves. But with blogs it is not as easy because our actions are not only recorded by the Angels but they are recorded for the whole world to see.

    “May Allah Ta’ala allow us to act in His Way with pure intentions.”


  • Sufyan Yunus says:


    Assalamu alaikum Sidi,

    I am not “Abu” yet. InshaAllah, by the Will of Allah, I will be one day. Simple “Sufyan” for now. 😉

    Sidi, I totally agree with what you have said, when it comes to blogs, our actions are seen by the eyes of many. That’s why we have to really be careful about what we post. I think that if we do focus on what concerns us, we will be able to post things that won’t cause any harm and are actually benefit, inshaAllah. Because I see blogs (and I don’t want to question anyone’s intentions) that post provocative things only for sake of ratings, which only riles people up and brings out the ugliness in us, and that is really upsetting. If we focus on concerning ourselves, then we can create reflective, beneficial, and relevant posts that would not only help the writer progress spiritually, but also the reader. InshaAllah, I hope I made sense, maybe I can’t seem to put my thoughts into words. Wallahu alam.

    JazakAllah khayran.

    Ma’salama Sidi

    Sufyan Yunus

  • Yursil says:


    I heard of this story, as told to me, in regards to accepting lessons and putting ones own ego aside.

    This is how blogs become a problem, it allows us to enter and engage others about things that don’t concern us

    Indeed. Even then, when blogs become preaching or the equivalent of giving sohbet… it becomes even more dangerous.

    This is a lesson for me and for you, if you do not want it, leave it and I will take it to myself, wa min Allahu taufiq inshaAllah ar-Rahman.

    That is how we close Sohbet.


  • Saifuddin says:


    wa ‘alaikum as-salaam Sufyan and Yursil. Sufyan my apologies about the name, inshaAllah you will be an Abu one day. Yursil, this story is also about that… just the Fulani version 😉 , I know it doesn’t do the original justice but I did my best.


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