November 8, 2007 § 4 Comments

Alhamdulillah! MashaAllah! This is a mile-stone, this blog has been through a number of transitions since its inception and throughout the ups and downs of the Islamic community, the blogging scene and my own personal life, readership has steadily increased, shukr ya Rabbi. I pray that this blog has been beneficial to us, to all of us, you; me irrespective of religion, race or resources (wealth).

I am making intention to our Lord; our Rabb. Ya Rabbi, may you continue to send support to this blog as long as it is in the way of Haqq. Ya Rabbi, I am asking that you discontinue this blog if it ceases to represent Haqq. Ya Rabbi, place your choicest blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family. Ya Rabbi, give long life to our grand shaykh, Shaykh Maulana Nazim al-Haqqani. Ya Rabbi, give long life to our shaykh, Shaykh Abdul-Kerim al-Kibrisi, grant them the heavenly power and authority to help and support this ummah, the Ummah of our master Maulana Muhammad (alayhi as-salatu wa sallim). Ya Rabbi, allow the followers of sayyidina Maulana Muhammad (alayhi as-salatu wa sallim) to be in the awakened station, allow us to follow true guidance. And if we are weak ones, allow us to accept that we are weak ones and look for support in your beloved ones. Ya Rabbi, draw the sincere ones closer to you, so that they may find the safety they seek, inshaAllah ar-Rahman wa min Allahu taufiq bihurmatil Habib bihurmatil Fatiha.


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