Technology is Robbing Our Humanity

November 5, 2007 § 4 Comments

If people can no longer live with out technology what will happen to mankind if technology were to somehow vanish. Imagine a world where fossil fuels, biofuel and hydro-electric generators, etc. could no longer be utilized to produce energy. Imagine a world where living off of the land was absolutely necessary. Upon this event in my imaginary future cities would no longer be a desirable place to live. Why, there are so many possible reasons but one reason is that the number of jobs would greatly reduce in the city as a significant number of these jobs are to merely administrate and maintain a technological system or systems an organization uses to support its enterprise. Without the means to advance an enterprise the systems that supports globalization are useless and so are the administrators, developers and architects of these systems.

Technology is now a means to make the artificial. An attempt to reproduce the real, the natural. The administrators, developers and architects of science and business are using technology in an attempt to re-make Creation for a profit. Even our living environments have very few traces of nature in them. Real beauty is found in nature and the natures of Allah’s creations and if there is no nature in our environment, there is also no real beauty in our environment either.

During the time of Jahiliyyah, the period of ignorance, women would decorate themselves with various ornaments and clothing to accentuate their bodily features taking on more and more of these things to be seen as beautiful. And of course men were going crazy, running after women left and right. Allah put a stop to this saying that women should only show their beauty to their husbands and relatives. Once again we are in an age where things mankind is doing is not natural; not beautiful. Look all around you, where is the beauty in our lives. The most beautiful things are being lost to technology taking mankind further and further away from our selves. We came from the Earth but our egos have us sitting atop skyscrapers wedged in cemented cities, far from that which we were created from, the Earth.


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§ 4 Responses to Technology is Robbing Our Humanity

  • faceweek says:

    We’re merging with technology, in time we’ll all be one and the same.

  • mo79uk says:

    I fully agree. The current example I can think of is the buzz word ‘social networking’. (I’m not knocking usage in a broad sense)

    People use these websites to share information and make and maintain friends. But in reality the information shared is often promotion of something to sell and the maintained friends are never met, just a list of user names and comments on a profile to swell one’s popularity.

    And yet in the real world, no one bothers to know their neighbours, take interest in what’s happening in their community and make a change.
    If energy did disappear, many people would be cold hollow shells who can only operate a computer and not care for what’s around them.

  • Danya says:

    Just imagine what happened of all computers crashed now. The world would literally stop, money would mean nothing, and we would lose a lot of communication.

    I think technology is one of those things that people have to be cautious about. It can be used, but like you point out, there are many detrimental side effects.

    But ya, I just wish nature was not comprised as much as it is now.

  • I’ll take some borg with my tabuli, thx.

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