Believers Look With the Light of God

November 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

On Friday 26 Safar, 1428 (March 16,2007) our sheykh, Sheykh Abdul-Kerim, Deputy to Grand Sheykh Maulana Nazim al-Hakkani the world leader for the most distinguished Osmanli Naks-i’bendi way, gave khutbe where he discusses how believers look with the nur of Allah explaining that,

“Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Be careful from the vision of a believer because he looks with the Nur of ALLAH. You cannot fool him.” When a believer looks with the Nur of ALLAH, he must know what is valuable. That’s the sign which is showing that you cannot fool him now. Sheytan cannot fool him, Dunya cannot fool him and the treasures and the pleasures of this world cannot fool that one. If a man is saying this and still running after Dunya and leaving the duties that ALLAH (subhana wa ta’ala) put as obligations on him, he already got fooled. He can say as much as he wants and he can read this (Qur’an-e Kerim) as much as he wants. It’s because if he is a real believer, then he must know what is valuable. Of course, we need to go to work and we need to earn. But the priority is ALLAH, His orders and His Prophet (sws).”(source)

This should be in the minds of all those who approach the minbar/pulpit taking on the duty of imam. It doesn’t matter if these duties are being performed regularly in masajid, occasionally with friends and co-workers or at your place of business in the community prayer room. We must remember that the imam is Sayyidina Maulana Muhammad’s (alayhi salatu wa salam) position, a very heavy thing to carry. We must keep this in mind and what it means to approach the minbar or leading the prayers, the Holy Prophet’s position, we should think on it.


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