Vacancies At DHS Said To Hurt U.S.

July 9, 2007 § 1 Comment

In a recent congressional report, it was reported that,

“The Bush administration has failed to fill roughly a quarter of the top leadership posts at the Department of Homeland Security, creating a “gaping hole” in the nation’s preparedness for a terrorist attack or other threat, according to a congressional report to be released today.”

Is this a legitimate analysis of the Bush Administration’s failures or merely another reason to ramp the American people up with fear-tactics? There has been such a mix of truth and falsehood that it is, in all truthfulness, hard to tell where we are.

In the report it is noted that this Federal Agency had 138 vacancies among its 575 top positions with a concentration of these deficits in the areas of policy and legal intelligence agencies as well as FEMA and the Coast Guard. DHS spokesman refuted the report according to the Washington Post,

‘…it is skewed by a sudden expansion this spring in the number of top management jobs. Before then, only 12 percent of positions were unfilled in a department that has always been thinly staffed at headquarter…’

On the other hand, the committee chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson’s (D-Miss) has said that,

“One of the continuing problems appears to be the over politicization of the top rank of Department management,”

and concludes that,

“This could lead to heightened vulnerability to terrorist attack.”

This story comes at an interesting time when Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist whose son was killed in the Iraq War, is challenging House Speak Nancy Pelosi to support a Presidential impeachment (Bush) while his resistance to pull troops is once again getting major media coverage. It just seems like a scripted event to me. I feel that I am becoming numb to my countries politics at this point and I’m sure I am not the only one.


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