Ubuntu (ME): the Muslim Edition

June 28, 2007 § 19 Comments

Muslim Ubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu user since 2005. Although, I started out with Redhat Linux 7 – this is before days of Fedora – I found that Ubuntu is my favorite. I have tried a few other distributions such as Mandrake, now Mandriva, as well as Suse Linux, which I never liked very much and I have even crossed over to the land of the super-geeks and built a small gateway/router out of an old Hewlett Packard PC, with a 3GB and 38 MB or RAM, running a variety of BSD OS (Open BSD and FreeBSD). But none of these open source distributions were as manageable as Ubuntu.

By manageable I mean that, with Ubuntu, I could still geek-out with our small home network, but not so much that the kids could not turn on a computer in the house and still manage to navigate to the internet or their favorite games.

Now, I have learned that Ubuntu has a Muslim version of the popular and free operating system, it is called Ubuntu (ME). It comes complete with features that are particularly useful to Muslims such as:


  • islamiccal: an Islamic calendar program
  • minbar: a prayer reminder, it launches an athan at the prayer times.
  • zekr: a Qur’anic study-tool that helps Muslims learn verses of the Qur’an
  • ubuntume-artwork: GUI skins, buttons and backgrounds with Islamic themes
  • and ubuntumewcc: a program that functions as a firewall and filter for you web content

I have yet to try it but if any of you install it, please give us a brief review on it.


§ 19 Responses to Ubuntu (ME): the Muslim Edition

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