The Carnival of Islam in the West (6)

February 19, 2007 § 16 Comments

PenFinally, the sixth edition of the Carnival of Islam in the West is here! The carnival – this creative collage of Muslim-thought – is over a week late but here nonetheless, complete with criticisms and mention from Islamophobic pundits. But what is the point of taking a stand, gaining popularity and changing the tide of society if you don’t come across a few critics now and again.

I’m sure Aziz would agree with me, speaking of Aziz, don’t forget to check in to the Carnival of Brass – the dynamic side of this powerhouse team of Muslim-bloggers – and don’t forget to tell Aziz that Hakim sent you.

Now, I would like to thank you all for stopping by because we have another collection of excellent articles this month. So without further adieu, I present to you the sixth edition of the Carnival of Islam in the West, enjoy:

Abdur-Rahman. Learning to Talk. “Abdur Rahman’s Corner”. Jan 27. 2007.

Dare I say: this post is the most important article of this entire carnival, particularly for Muslims – ya akhi, jazaka’allah khairun.

Adam. Radical Islam in the U.K.. “Sophistpundit”. Jan 20. 2007

This article is a passionate and spirited look at one of year’s most controversial depictions of Muslims to date, the secret investigation of masajid in the U.K. by Channel 4 News. Adam adds an Islamophobic spin to this topic rarely seen on this blog!

Amad. The Wahhabi Myth: Debunking the Bogey-man. “Musings of a Muslims Mind”. Jan 28. 2007.

This post is an interesting analysis and commentary on the terminology “Wahhabi”. Amad, explains the colloquial usage of the term and also gives some commentary on the historical figure, comparing notes and contradictions between sources.

Baraka. Only Connect. “Truth & Beauty”. Feb 8. 2007

Falling short of nothingless than a masterpiece Baraka discusses meeting members of the Islamosphere (Muslim bloggers) in the “real-world”. It is an insightful piece about a subject that I have been contemplating lately. As I have been invited to – though respectfully declined – a number of meetings and gatherings as a result of this blog.

Birt, Yahya. With Us or Against Us: The Rhetoric of the War on Terror. “Yahya Birt”. Feb 2. 2007.

This article, like many of Birt’s essays and articles is a giant. His profound understanding of Western Culture allows him to peer into the untouched realms of reason. In this entry Birt offers us a well crafted essay on the language used by Western authorities to describe their position on their own foreign military engagements. This declaration ultimately shaped the lens to which Westerners would then look upon Muslims forthright.

Bradford, Hood. PSA (4): What does a Wali look for? (Main objectives of Islam). “Islamic Law, etc”. Jan 12. 2007

Hood offers a public service announcement (PSA) about oneof the most popular topics in the present-day Muslim’s world, marriage. Its true, marriage always raises the most interesting discussions but this is not just another blog post about marriage. It is a comprehensive narrative of the wali (guardian) as used in traditional Islamic matrimonials. Hood’s insightful article is reminiscent of Imam al-Ghazali’s, adab an-nikah (“The Proper Conduct of Marriage in Islam“).

Desert Rose. Children of One Faith. “Rays of Sunlite”. Jan 27. 2007.

This post is actually a great follow-up to Yahya Birt’s essay. It is a gentle and poetic expression of the opposite position to that expressed by the “authorities” depicted in Birt’s essay. criticisms. As Raysofsunlite suggests to concentrate not of our differences but our unity.

Karchmar, Irving. Intention. “Darvish”. Feb 1. 2007

Irving, whom I find one of the most inspiring personalities in the blogging circuit, gives some advice on intention (niyya). He finds a way – as he always does – to connect the dots between, gaining nearness to Allah subhana wa ta ‘ala and our seemingly distant lives in a practical exercise that anyone can do. So whats left but to do it! And after you apply this technique and find it fruitful, be sure to thank him.

Kashmiri Nomad. Right-Wing Americans, “Muzzies” and Iraq. “Islam & the West – Opinions of a Kashmiri Nomad”. Jan 18. 2007.

The Kashmiri Nomad – I just like typing his name, “The Kashmiri Nomad” – picks up on an issue that has brought me, to my dismay, much heartache. And that is the “disdain” and utter contempt that conservatives, right-wing Americans hold in their hearts for Muslims. He then asks the insightful question, “How can right-wing Americans on the one hand regurgitate the same hateful invective against all Muslims and then on the other hand support policies that are designed to “help” Muslims?”

Maiden, Gazzali. Book title: Gazzali’s Jinn. “”. Jan 24. 2007.

Author Gazzali Maiden, has written an online book about the subject of jinn. Giving a comprehensive and informative look at the world of jinn.

Maister, David. Islamic Saying. “Passion, People Principles”. Jan 28. 2007.

This little tid-bit posted by business “guru” David Maister was a particularly pleasant surprise. I won’t give to much away, but I will say this. It was the most unexpected post so far this year, thanks David.

Shareef, Safi. Yawn. “”. Feb 7. 2007.

If you need good advice, perhaps Safi of can help. In this article, Safi shows us the “best” way to manage our body’s rest during the prayers and rites of hajj.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the carnival of islam in the west using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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