Humanism & Unraveling the Global Sphere

December 3, 2006 § 2 Comments

Dear readers,

Please accept my apologies, I know that I have not posted an article for several days, but I am undergoing a reevaluation of the overall agenda of this blog. I have been writing this blog since the Summer of 2006 and I just reached a milestone of 30,000 views! That to me seems like a good number for my first 6 months of blogging.

However, I am looking to embetter the articles written on Wa Salaam to address issues that resonate with the socio-political complexities of the American-Muslim community. I’m not only looking to identify local and domestic socio-political complexities but also domestic intricacies that are significant integrants of the global socio-political sphere. Therefore, Wa Salaam will be restructured to expand the overall area of discussion but also place emphasis and concentrated brainwork on the Humanities.

The categories will be reshaped to reflect human issues such as: Anatomy, Appearance, Art, Biology, Culture, Communication, etc.. This should create an entirely different dialogue for the Wa Salaam reader. It is my intention to create a stronger connection to reader’s interests as well as providing a platform for real social work in the form of:

  • Written responses
  • Essays; short stories
  • and comments (dialogue)

The written responses will have a simple format that will usually introduce an issue along with brief comments; then citing supporting text usually linked to the source. This was done in the past from time to time and I have found it very useful in the overall blogging experience.

In addition to written responses I will be developing essays and short stories. Essays are closest to my heart but are a particular noyance because of the accuracy and style necessary for a well written essay. However, it is my opinion that overall essays are the most effective ways to address issues that concern complex human developments which may or may not exist on a multi-cultural platform with multi-lateral politics. My preference of essays lies in the fact that they allow a writer more room to answer complex socio-political concerns from humanism’s panoramic view of the global sphere. As intellectuals go, I am probably of the lowest echelon, yet devoted enough to be considered a ‘man of letters’. It is this consideration that leads me to feel strongly connected to a statements in the preface of Edward W. Said’s Orientalism, where he writes:

“Certainly I think it is incumbent upon us to complicate and/or dismantle the reductive formulae and the abstract but potent kind of thought that leads the mind away from concrete human history and experience and into the realms of ideological fiction, metaphysical confrontation, and collective passion.”

He concludes,

“This is not to say that we cannot speak about issues of injustice and sufferin, but that we need to do so always within a context that is amply situated in history, culture, and socioeconomic reality.”

Said’s snapshot of an intellectual’s obligations points toward the fundamental reasons for the shift here at Wa Salaam. It is my prayer that these response writings, essays and short stories will imbue dialogue and an exchange of ideas that work toward understanding the underlying unity of life, while making some sense of its polyrhythmical afterthought.


§ 2 Responses to Humanism & Unraveling the Global Sphere

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