The Pope Visits Turkey Despite Protests

November 28, 2006 § Leave a comment

The Pope determined to complete his trip to Turkey arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday to meet with Orthodox Christian leaders and Turkey’s Prime Minister. But the “overall sentiment” has not changed much about this issue. Generally speaking, it appears the Pope is not welcomed as approximately 25,000 protesters urged the Pope to “stay home” over the weekend. However, it should be noted that the Pope’s visit to Turkey was to resolve old tensions between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Christians as discussed in Sylvia Poggioli’s commentary,

“Pope Benedict’s trip was originally planned as part of an effort to mend a thousand-year-old rift between Catholics and Orthodox Christians.” audio2

In conclusion, I think that Pope Benedict XVI although trying to extirpate himself and his flock from one mud-hole, he did so only to find himself in another vis-a-vis the Muslims. By the end of this visit I certainly hope that Pope Benedict XVI is a able to smooth things out with the Orthodox Christians or he and nearly all of Turkey will be on very unfriendly terms.

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