Charity for Unpopular Articles

November 13, 2006 § 5 Comments

Below is a list of articles that I have written in the past. These articles received little-to-no recognition at all and I just wanted to revisit them and give them one more shot. I re-read them and I could not help but to feel sorry for them as if animated personalities ignored in the midst of our preoccupations. If you are interested in giving these poor articles charity of your time it would be most appreciated, but then again there may be a reason they were overlooked… so I guess its a gamble and the choice is yours:

  • American-Muslim Criticisms of Blair: an article from the “Criticisms” series, if you search “criticisms” you will notice I have written several critical articles of similar title yet independent in thought.
  • The French and Wine; The Muslims and Bread: this post is secretly one of my favorite ever written, its an obscure article that references an unpopular but significant literary critic and an essay that he wrote concerning the French occupation of Algeria.
  • Privacy and Government Snooping: surprisingly this article made little to no noise at all. People were generally uninterested in my advice on how to protect your email and other electronic communications. I was shocked!
  • The Danger of Human Evolution: a production of a completely different scale, sourced from an actual academic paper written while at New York University. I thought it would be interesting to condense it and develop it for blog readership, evidently it was a failed effort…
  • The Heart of Freedom Suffers: an attempt to pen a paper about freedom and its inherent challenges, accompanied by a brief criticism of its corruption.

I certainly hope you find these articles precious jewels lost among the bounty of treasure that is Wa Salaam, however if you do not and deem them plebeian tommyrot, then what can I say. As Albert Camus has said,

“When one indulges in publishing a book or staging a play, one has to accept the criticism it evokes. Whatever one may have to say, one must keep silent.” (A. Camus, Why Spain?)

Therefore, notice; review and critique while I stand idly by as an onlooker, looking. If there is nothing to say, I will assume that the pieces have themselves said nothing and thus have only encountered a tantamount value. Either way, the opportunity to write was value enough for me.


§ 5 Responses to Charity for Unpopular Articles

  • Thank you. But this is a lot of material and none of it is simple, so you will have to excuse all your commenters if they take a while to digest it all! 🙂

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “But this is a lot of material and none of it is simple, so you will have to excuse all your commenters if they take a while to digest it all!”

    Thank you Anna for your generosity… these poor articles rarely received a glance-over… so I am thankful for time spent on them, even if only a moment.


  • ABD says:

    as-salam alaykum,

    it seems to me that the structure of blogging is unkind to old posts. if someone doesn’t come across a post within a week of its being posted, it gets buried without so much as a janaza.

    one way around this problem, at least at, is to recycle some of the better posts as new ones. if done after a sufficient delay, i’ve found them to be good as new. (we package them as “retreads”, which we run every saturday).

  • mshahin says:


    I agree with ABD. I think it is good that you are revisiting older posts. In that way, you give people more of a chance to come across it.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “one way around this problem, at least at, is to recycle some of the better posts as new ones.”

    wa ‘alaikum as-salaam

    Indeed, maybe I shall hold a regular bi-monthly or quarterly charity benefit such as this for these poor underrepresented morsels.


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