Baker Commission Meets Bush Administration

November 13, 2006 § Leave a comment

The Baker Commission (also known as the Iraq Study Group) is a committee proposed by Frank Wolf as an independent effort to strategically analyse the current situation in Iraq and provide a cohesive plan toward delivering a peaceful resolve among other things such as a possible ‘exit strategy’. The Baker Commission co-chaired by James Baker (Rep.) and Lee Hamilton (Dem.), is scheduled to release a report on statistics, resolutions and recommendations for moving forward in the region. The Baker Commission has been in contact with G.W. Bush and other officials and more recently has attracted attention because of its expected release of the report as noted in NPR story,

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group meets with top administration officials to discuss the future of U.S. policy in the country. The group is expected to release its full report on the American approach to Iraq in several weeks.” (J. Northam; R. Montagne, NPR) audio2


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