Kashmiri Nomad: Who Wrote The Bible?

November 7, 2006 § 5 Comments

The Kashmiri Nomad presents a video and theological excavation which digs up the real facts about the authors of the Bible… with shocking details, a must see. I highly recommend this video as a strong academic and theological effort in the examination of religious text. The Kashmiri Nomad says,

“The following video documentary is presented by British theologian Robert Beckford. The video is broken into three segments. The first and second parts examine some of the historical context surrounding the Bible and look at the possible authors of both the “Old Testament” and “New Testament”. The final segment looks at the Bible and the current political situation surrounding Trinitarian Evangelical Christians in the United States.” (Kashmiri Nomad, Islam and the West)


§ 5 Responses to Kashmiri Nomad: Who Wrote The Bible?

  • سلام الله عليك
    How did I know you were going to like this post ? 🙂

  • From the KN post
    “In essence the video will not change the views of those that believe that the Bible is the literal word of God however for the reset of us “lost souls” it will open a door to a subject which for centuries has been forbidden for the general public to explore.”

    Except the general public only need to walk down to the local bookshop and order/buy just about any intelligent book about Christianity or The Bible (at least in the UK). Even mainstream Christian presses such as SCM carry books like Keith Eliot’s “Questioning Christian Origins.”

    I think you’d struggle to find any University department of theology/religious studies in Europe (and probably the USA if we just count Ivy League and State Unis) where anyone would seriously suggest, uncontested, that the people whose names are at the top of the gospels authored them.

    Shock horror! Right wing Christian evangelicals believe faith trumps serious intellectual inquiry. Just don’t mention Muslim responses to Arkoun!



  • James says:

    Great movie. Thanks for the link. For some of us this is old news. Just be careful, the scholars are now taking on the Koran. Will you be happy with their results?

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “Will you be happy with their results?”

    I am not using the findings of these theologians to combat Christians, on the contrary I am publishing articles trying inform and educate believers so that those in power do not use them for their personal gains… the same goes for Islam and the Qur’an.

  • […] I have been approached many times by what I consider an “Evangelical”, and I have often entertained their interest in discussing the “personal relationship with Jesus”. Needless to say, the conversations tend to end at an impasse. However, it often discourages me that there is such a rigid appraoch to faith in the Bible that the reluctance to engage me on points I raise is hard-pressed. I wonder what would an Evangelical say about recent efforts by theologians such as Robert Beckford and others? I also wonder is Modern-Evangelism what was intended at its inception or has it morphed into something specific to the culture and color of todays America? What does Engber say of the origins of Evangelism? Well he says, “Modern evangelicalism emerged from an early-20th-century conflict between Protestant liberals and fundamentalists. The fundamentalists felt that the liberals had strayed too far from the teachings of the Bible and urged a return to the most orthodox teachings. The evangelicals staked out a middle ground—more conservative than the liberals but not quite as old-fashioned as the fundamentalists. The evangelicals and fundamentalists remain two distinct groups, though they share a belief in the importance of a personal relationship with God and the Bible. In general, the fundamentalists tend to be stricter and more isolated from mainstream culture. An evangelical parent might encourage his kids to listen to Christian rock, for example, while a fundamentalist parent would object to all music of that kind.” (D. Engber, Slate) […]

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