DhimmiWatch: American Muslims are Unconvincing

October 27, 2006 § 4 Comments

Hugh Fitzgerald of the DhimmiWatch blog wrote an article entitled, Muslim Behavior in the U.S. and Europe. This article compares the state of affairs between Muslims in the states and those in Europe with their surrounding societies. Fitzgerald suggests that the Muslim population in the U.S. is less of an influence to society for several reasons:

  1. Muslims only make-up 1% of the population or approximately 3 million in number compared to the 5-10% in European countries like Britain and France.
  2. 2 Million of the total population of Muslims in the U.S. are “Black Muslims” associated with the Nation of Islam movement pioneered by Elijah Muhammad. A group whose interpretation of Islam was rejected by Islamic Scholars of Al-Azhar University (Cairo).
  3. Europe is crippled by its culture of atheism, while the U.S. has a spirit of Christian and Jewish orthodoxy which will inspire more resistance to Muslim’s interests here in the U.S.
  4. The infectious culture of antisemitism in Europe allows for Muslims to create political and socio-economic allies all throughout Europe.
  5. Muslims do not benefit from national programs supported by taxpayers in the U.S. like that of Britain or France for example.

Fitzgerald goes on with this quibbling drivel about Maronites, forced-conversions then ends the article with a little tidbit about Mike Hawash. Personally, I think the article made some good points but not for the reasons that Fitzgerald intended, I’m sure. However, the majority of it was consistent with the DhimmiWatch blog’s previous posts, where he creates hypothetical circumstances and reinforces the Muslim as America’s boogeyman with claims like,

“But what if there were not 3 million Muslims (two million of them identified as belonging to the “Black Muslims”) but rather 15 million — that is, 5% of the total population — or even 30 million, or 10% of the total population, as may already be true in France? Wouldn’t local Muslims, already so aggressive and unyielding in the demands of their so-called representative groups (e.g. CAIR), be far more aggressive and even more demanding, even more uncooperative with the authorities on matters of security, even more aggressive in demands to changes in our legal and political institutions, in our schools, in our social understandings and arrangements, in our everything?” (H. Fitzgerald, DhimmiWatch)

Articles like this are entertaining for us Muslims but at the same time annoying, like if J-Lo were to find the National Enquirer reporting that she and PDiddy recently gave birth to Siamese-triplets who can speak fluent English at 2 days old… its news to her, you know?


§ 4 Responses to DhimmiWatch: American Muslims are Unconvincing

  • Abu Sahajj I just find these sort of peoples views about Islam/Muslims and Europe so funny. They have absolutely no clue. Or may be that is the point it is easier to play to someones fears than to bring points backed by evidence.
    For those of our American commentator “friends” who so regularly write about the fall of Europe to “Islamofacsicm”, should try being Muslim and living in Europe they might just get a shock

  • Europe is far from the Islamic Caliphate they try to scare the world with.

  • Would these people just spontaneously combust if one day they woke up and realized there is really nothing to be afraid of?

  • DrM says:

    What a load of malarky. There are between 6.5-8 million Muslims in America comprising 2.5% of the population. The so-called “Nation of Islam” has less 20000 members and the vast majority of the African American Muslim community are Sunni Muslims. Fitzgerald is high on his own lies, then again that often seems to be the case for the vermin at the rat hole known as “Dhimmiwatch.”

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