Bostonian Muslims Feed the Homeless

October 16, 2006 § 1 Comment

Many non-Muslims are not aware of Islam’s teachings as an actual religion. Most non-Muslims are only privy to the violence and folly exhibited by a small bands of misguided Muslims. However, God Willing, this will change over time. One of the ways this will change is through the practice of one of the 5 tenets of Islam, sadaqa (charity). Sadaqa is incumbent upon all Muslims especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan Boston Muslims made headlines by simply doing what Muslims have been doing for over 1300 years: feeding, clothing and serving the poor. The poor, in this case was the homeless community of Boston as the Boston Herald describes,

In the spirit of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, local Muslim organizations are providing charitable aid to the needy and homeless in 14 cities across the nation, including Boston for the first time.


‘‘You don’t see much out there to try to help people who are in need,” a homeless veteran said on the steps of the Tobin Community Center in Roxbury.


It was a declaration of appreciation for the ‘‘Humanitarian Day for the Homeless” event at the center, sponsored by Islamic Relief.


More than 350 volunteers provided clothing, personal hygiene items, toys, brown-bagged bundles of food, and bottles of water to those in need, with no questions asked.” (S. Tolsen, Boston Herald)


§ One Response to Bostonian Muslims Feed the Homeless

  • victoria says:

    am very happy to see someone doing something- as an ex-christian who spent years feeding the homeless and helping with their many needs-(every day of the year) when i became muslim i just assumed it was something done- i have been shocked and saddened to see that it is non-existent in muslim america- for 2 years in a row i went to the isna convention in chicago which is the largest gathering of muslims in north america yearly- there were 40 charity booths- and ONLY ONE had any charity activity in america- and that was a one time distribution of book bags to navajo children in arizona- while the book bag needs of the native american are a pressing need- in 2 years that was what i found- 40 charities- using money they garnered in america- not helping any americans- i thought that charity starts with the nuclear family- then extended family- then as the Prophet(pbuh) stated your neighbors 7 houses in the 4 directions. Ive sat in many council finance boards and watched the members cream loudly for funding for their pet causes- and seen monies drained from zakat for their insular causes. My own mosque sent 2 homeless women to live with me and then it was my financial and emotional burden- (also a pregant homeless cat).
    There is an alarming amount of homeless muslim women in chicago- but no facility for them- theres a well funded and well paid staff for a pakistani organization supposedly to serve abused women- but only if brought by the police- considering that a pakistani woman has to call the police- basically becoming a pariah in her own community in order to utilize this ‘service’ or that they may have illegal status- it is simply not helping anyone but its paid staff- repeated calls over a long series of months trying to find help for some women revealed that there were no actual women living in the facility-
    i myslef have offerd my services as an organizer but have received no help or interest- sadly the last job i worked wth the homeless was with a christian organization- muslim brithers and sisters asked why i work for christians and not muslims and im sad to tell them there are no muslims to work for- and im talking about the muslim community cwenter in chicago which has a budget over 2million ayear and is is building a big fancy mosque in a nice neighborhood – it seems that even though there is plenty o room in the mcc-
    no one ever has an answer why they dont take care of their own- and suggests i do something about it myself-

    my neighbor is a homeless widow living (unwelcome) with her mother- and this ramadan the imam asked her to buy the toys and candy for the children at eid- and never repaid her- she spent her little bit of money on it- 200 dollars because she is kind- and was never reimbursed for it-and is to shy to ask- sayng she got the blessings which she did- but where is her help? my family knows my history and also ask why i dont work with the muslims- and i am very ashamed to tell them there are none doing it.
    i dont expoect a reply and probably wont get one- even i see no one is interested enough in this subject to even post- it is a sad discovery for me-this lack of charity-
    so i applaud the efforts of the bostonians but i also might add that its just one day- also there were 2 groups that did a very short stint in new orleans for katrina- but they have really gotten their public relations benefit from it- ill just imagine that there are muslims doing something in secret because the alternative (that is just doesnt exist) is too heartbreaking for me.

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