Polygamy (Part 2): Social Reform and Education

October 11, 2006 § 1 Comment

Some of you whom have read my first article may wonder, what has caused this interest in polygamy? Some may have concluded this is just some Muslim’s way of spreading his culture in America. Others of you may have thought of your own reasons for supporting polygamy. But my reason’s for researching and writing these essays about polygamy may not be what you think.

I am an American Muslim as the title of this blog implies. As such my concerns are largely ruled by the social, economic and governmental conditions of my home country. The social, economic and governmental conditions of this country directly influence the social-economic welfare of myself, my family, the Ummah and all American citizens as well, and as a result I have begun my research on some of the social-ills that plague my beautiful country.

In my research I have discovered that many of the problems that cause the greatest amount of suffering in this country are unknown to many of my countrymen. For example the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has reported that in the US there is currently total population of 298, 444, 215. Additionally, there exists a male to female ratio of 1.05 males to every 1 female, which means that there is nearly a 1:1 ratio!

But as I delve deeper into the hard statistics of my country I find that in a population of nearly 300 million people there are approximately 1.5 million incarcerated. However, what is most surprising is the fact that of the 1.5 million prisoners in this country 1.4 are males (number of female prisoners is low, not statistically significant). So that means in a country where the male to female ratio is 1:1 and 4.5% of males are institutionalized (prisoners) that leaves the non-institutionalized and available male to female ratio at about 0.9:1.

So we have identified that the although the CIA gives us a 1:1 male to female ratio for the US because of high number of male prisoners in this country the available male to female ratio is lower at about 0.9 to 1. But there is another statistic that may or may have contributed to the high number of prisoners, unemployment. Unemployment and its relationship to high rate of male prisoners is not our focus and beyond the scope of this essay.

Consequently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the total number of unemployment in the US as of May 2006 is a whopping 7.5 million which means 5% of our work force population is unemployed. In addition reports show that 4.3% of available and non-institutionalized males are unemployed. It also be noted that these number significantly rise with ethic groups such as African-American and Latino communities.

This is an epidemic all over America but there is no doubt that this condition has a particularly in the African-American communities there are a great number of single mothers. These single mothers of America are make up a significant number of employed females in this country. The single mother must rely on creative and sometimes impossible means to provide the basic nurturing and education for their children but these means are no substitute for the direct care and attention of an able Mother.

The bottom-line of all this is that of our entire population a significant number of men are in prisons. The ones who are not in prisons are trying to find work but millions of men and women cannot find employment. As a result these men and women cannot provide for their families, which create a downward spiral of guilt, blame and poverty. I’m suggesting polygamy as an alternative but it is not the most honorable form of resolve for this problem. But politicians, government and big business owner’s moral sensibilities maybe distracted with greed and power enough for me to slip in the legalization of polygamy as a means to social reform rather than putting up the money to educate the poor.


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