May Allah Bless Them…

October 10, 2006 § 3 Comments

Yesterday, I was working at an antique show in Manhattan. I was intalling the carpet in a showroom. You see in addition to clinical work at the hospital, I also do carpentry on the side. My grandfather was a carpenter as were the men of our family for many generations. My father learned carpentry although he became a famous musician and he passed carpentry on to me rather than his own skill of music.

But to make a long story short, the job was over on West 59th Street and 9th avenue. Unfortunately, I had no knowledge of a masjid in that area and I was desperately looking for a place to make ‘asr prayer. I was walking down 9th avenue looking for someone who looked Arab, African or wearing traditional Islamic clothing so that I may ask if there was a place to pray in the area. But I could not find anyone, eventually I saw a store called Fatou Djalon… the phrase seemed familiar and I assumed there would be West Africans in the store. When I walked into the store I saw a young man in his early twenties sitting in a chair. He looked at me with gentle eyes while I asked him,

“Are you a Muslim?”

He answered “yes” and I proceeded to give him the run-down of my situation. I told him that I was working in the area and I needed a place to pray. I asked if there was a masjid in the area? He told me that there wasn’t, but if I needed to pray I could make salah in his store. Now the store is extremely small… I mean it takes up about the same square footage of two twin-size beds.

But the young man pulled out a rug for me, provided water for wudu’ and some sandals that were 4 sizes to small for my feet (subhanallah). While I was making the salah his business continued and traffic increased while I was making my prayers. I think tourists were curious to see a Muslim praying. But thanks to the young man I was able to make the salah and go back to work with no problem. Before I left the young man introduced me to his uncle who ownes the store and they told me that I can come back and make the salah anytime. May God bless those those men, their families and allow their business to prosper, inshaAllah.


§ 3 Responses to May Allah Bless Them…

  • Salam,
    Beautiful story. It is hard to make up the prayers while traveling. At least when traveling out of city or farther than 50 miles we are allowed to combine them which makes it slightly easier. But if you have this type of job it is indeed an issue.

    It is an even bigger issue for women for whom not all mosques are even available.

  • Sadiq says:

    May Allah bless them.

    May Allah bless all People of the world.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Salaam sis,

    “It is an even bigger issue for women for whom not all mosques are even available.”

    Yes… I’m hearing more and more talk about this… I think this is very unfortunate. I have never thought much about this until a discussion with Umm Zaid. Apparently, this is a problem in our community.


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