Dropping Knowledge: A 5 Star Question and its 5 Star Answer

September 28, 2006 § 2 Comments

I was recently browsing through Dropping Knowledge, an effort that uses today’s technology to understand differences in art, culture and social issues. This Germany based non-profit organization has an interesting website. I was so enthralled that while browsing I searched for the top rated (the top rating is 5 stars) question on Islam, which was asked by Allen Ginsberg, and he wrote,

“What is the cause of Islamic terrorism and what can the world do to stop or defeat it?”

Fortunately, for Allen he received a top rated answer from a man named only mmsulaiman and he replied,

“My dear brother It is not Islam that causes fanaticism. It is the ignorance and arrogance of man that causes fanaticism. Man intends to worship God and to love Him, but he has forgotten how to do this properly. When man came into this world as a little baby he knew God and could speak with the angels. However after the age of two he began to forget God because his parents and brothers and sisters and relatives kept telling him that he was something separate from God. Not directly telling him this but in a subtle way. God is one.

For one to truly know God there can not be two but there can only be One. As long as you are there separate from God you cannot truly know Him. Only when you are not there can God truly be there and can He be truly known. So as your parents and friends and family and teachers keep telling you that you are “you”, that is that you are something separate from them and from God you gradually began to forget about God and start to believe in “you”.

This is the source of fanaticism. Man forgets God but he has an awareness of Him. However he (man) does not know how to get back to God, how to worship Him properly, how to love Him properly. So man tries to use his own mind and intellect to find God. Man goes looking in mind and desire and religious practices to try and find God. However these are the wrong places to look. He will never find God here. Instead he will find only separation and differences. He will find “my religion” and “your religion”. He will find “my caste” and “your caste”. He will find “my country” and “your country”. He will find “my family” and “your family”. He will find “me” and “you”. This is the cause of fanaticism.

Please forgive your brother if I have said anything wrong or incorrect. This child has no wisdom and no learning. I am only trying to tell you what I was taught by my Father Bawa Muhaiyaddeen who is a being of great wisdom and understanding. May God be pleased with all of His children which is in truth all of us living in this world. Amen”

I ‘m not sure if mmsulaiman is claiming to be Bawa Muhaiyadeen‘s student or his actual son (I’m leaning toward the former) but that is absolutely Bawa Muhaiyadeen’s spirit behind the post. For those who do not know of Bawa Muhaiyadeen, he is a Sufi Sheikh of Sri Lanka, that Sri Lankans and others consider a saint.

§ 2 Responses to Dropping Knowledge: A 5 Star Question and its 5 Star Answer

  • Dont Bother says:

    That was very polite of that guy but I think Ginsberg knows more then he’s letting on about the causes of global terror and chaos.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    I think Ginsberg knows more then he’s letting on about the causes of global terror and chaos.

    That is why I love you DB… you always “keep it real”… 🙂

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