Whats With The Bible and Prostitutes?

September 27, 2006 § 2 Comments

Is it me or does the Bible have strange fixations on sex? Firstly there are bizarre references to homosexuality which are never really cleared up. Haroon has discussed this in the past when addressing matters of the Christian right,

“But of course, we would not and maybe should not do this, because the Christian right is dominated by literalist hotheads, mostly of the Protestant variety, most of whom do not have a coherent or clear perspective on homosexuality (The Bible seems confused over the issue. Indeed, it even seems to accept incest.)” (H. Moghul, Under|Progress)

But lets put politics aside for a moment and look more deeply into Haroon’s side-note, where he suggests that the Bible condones lascivious behaviours such as incest. Indeed, the Bible does discuss sex in a most peculiar fashion. There is array of stories where obscure sexual references are made. However, none more prevalent then the infamous “harlot”. So I must ask what is up with the Bible and prostitutes? David Plotz writes on the subject in Slate and takes a hip and cool approach to research and write-up in an article entitled, “Why the Bible Has so Many Protitutes”. Plotz begins his sex-editorial saying,

“On to sexier matters! This chapter raises a rude but pressing question: What’s with all the prostitutes? There’s scarcely an unmarried woman in the Bible so far who isn’t a prostitute, or treated like one! There’s Tamar, who turns a trick with her father-in-law Judah. The Moabite women, who whore themselves to the Israelites. The Midianite harlot who’s murdered by Phineas. Jacob’s daughter Dinah, whose loose behavior sparks mass slaughter. No wonder they call prostitution the oldest profession—it’s the only profession that biblical women seem to have.” (D. Plotz, Slate)

In conclusion, Plotz’s research is actually quite good. I enjoyed the article and I think that it is worth a look, so read it, laugh-out-loud and enjoy.


§ 2 Responses to Whats With The Bible and Prostitutes?

  • Tom says:

    Then there’s the Acts of the Apostles – all those jail breaks! 🙂

  • velvethammer says:

    Jesus held carnal prostitutes in higher esteem than He did hypocrites and people who prostituted their souls for money, fame, or power. He states in Matthew 22:34 that harlots would enter the kingdom of God before those who prostituted themselves against God’s will.
    Besides prostitutes are a fact of life. Why should the Bible candy coat the world, when it was an attempt to teach the truth?

    Now that you have had a few laughs at the expense of the Christian Bible.

    Can we now discuss the rapes against western women by Muslim immigrants in Europe?

    [quote]The figures on Muslim rape of Western women in Europe are astounding. In Denmark and Norway, between 65% and 70% of all rapes are committed by Muslims, who as yet still less than 5% of the population. [end quote]

    Rape: Nothing to do with Islam?

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