Green Helmet Featured in Address to UN

September 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

I was nearly floored when I realized that Emile Lahoud was holding a picture of a dead child being pulled from the rubble of an Israeli attack, but the attack wasn’t the surprising part and neither was the speech. The shocking part was that the snapshot featured the controversial Salam Daher, aka The Green Helmet Guy holding a small child. President Lahoud actually used a picture of The Green Helmet Guy to address the UN!

In his speech to the General Assembly at the UN, President Lahoud suggests that Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is the “root cause” of instability in the Middle East. He also said that the Middle East peace process begins with Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and concludes,

“Despite the horrid events in Lebanon, a window of opportunity has presented itself and should be fully exploited.” (BBC)

I agree with Lahoud, I have said this many times and written this in articles posted on Wa Salaam. There should be no question about it, resolve to Israel and Palestine’s Conflict is where peace in the Middle East begins as illustrated by the following text from a Wa Salaam article entitled,”Arab Criticism of Democracy”,

“I have concluded that the Cold War and the actions of the US and the Soviets during the Cold War is what gave rise to what seems at times unresolvable differences. And I stay with the opinion that, to resolve problems between the US and the Muslim-World, the US must act to bring stability to the Arab-Israeli Conflict as we implied we would do after the Cold War was over… that is the first step towards peace and the best strategical move against the “War on Terror“, instead of chasing phantom theories and unreliable leads from notoriously biased Neo-Conservative sympathizers.” (H. Abdullah, Wa Salaam)


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