Why Are Westerners Converting to Islam?

September 19, 2006 § 5 Comments

I have written about this before, but I found this article particularly interesting. The article entitled, “Allah’s Recruits” is actually an August archive from Time Magazines eMagazine in partnership with CNN. However, it was interesting and I thought that it would generate interesting conversation among the readers of Wa Salaam.

The story begins with the details of a young man’s life as it reads,

“Jamal Harwood prays five times a day. He doesn’t drink, smoke or eat pork. He’s active in his local Muslim community, and he’s very serious about the need for an Islamic state. But if you passed him on the street, you would have no idea. Not just because Harwood, a financial consultant in London, wears a suit instead of traditional Muslim dress. Or because he keeps his beard cropped fashionably close. But because he’s white.” (Jumana Farouky, Time)


§ 5 Responses to Why Are Westerners Converting to Islam?

  • People convert to Islam because they have no understanding of Christianity. They do not understand that when Jesus said he was “Son of God” he did not speak of God begetting as an animal, but was speaking of God’s Spirit, which is Holy and Incorruptible, and God’s Word, which is Holy and Incorruptible They do not understand that Christianity teaches that God is One, and that His Word and His Spirit appearing in the world and reaching out to us (which is called Trinity) does not change that God is One. They do not understand that when Christ rose from the dead, he was God’s promise that we will all be raised from the dead on the Last Day. They do not understand that sin is more than an accident inside us but hints of a corruption that lives deep within, and that the sin inside us must die. They do not understand that we are joined with Jesus the Messiah in his death, just as the prophet Isaiah foretold, and are washed clean from our sins as we kill our sins on the cross, and we die with him, to rise with him.

    They do not understand that Jesus replaces the Temple, and when we direct our prayers to him (as Muslims do to the Qibla) there is no competition between him and God, it is simply in him that we meet God.

    They do not understand that God has sealed a covenant of forgiveness, fulfilling the promise made through Abraham: “God will provide the sacrifice.” So that God has made a covenant for our forgiveness which drives out fear. Again as Isaiah prophesied, the Messiah would himself be the covenant between God and the people, so that those who take up the cup of Christ’s covenant are joined to the covenant of God’s forgiveness.

    But most of all they do not understand what God has done in sending his Word as a human in the person of Jesus. Because God’s Word became human, when they hear Jesus, they hear God, and when they see Jesus, they see God; when he heals and restores, we see God’s heart and know God’s mind; we know God’s love. For God is love, and looks at us like a Father looks on the children he loved, as Jesus teaches us.

    Islam is far, far simpler than all that. It has sincere devotion, and honest seekers of God who strive faithfully to honor God.

    But Jesus taught his followers to be peacemakers, and Mohammed taught differently, say the Hadiths, and the Quran, and the Sirat Rasul Allah.

    Who is rightly guided, the one who follows a man who healed the sick and raised the dead and restored sight to the blind, or the one who follows a man who taught his followers to kill?

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “People convert to Islam because they have no understanding of Christianity.”

    If that is true then it is true and I can live with that. However, if it is not I pray that you come to terms with your erroneous beliefs… please see the following video about preachers converting to Islam. You may find it interesting, inshaAllah.

  • […] I actually had no intention on making this post, however due to a recent series of comments by a reader called Weekend Fischer (WF). WF had a few comments on post that I made and they were thought provoking, so I decided to reply to his statement in the form of a video post by Yusuf Estes. WF said on a post entitled “Why Are Westerners Converting to Islam?”, “People convert to Islam because they have no understanding of Christianity.” (Weekend Fischer) […]

  • victoria says:

    Well i have a lifetime of understandind ans study and paractice of christianity and i am a revert alhamdoulilah for 8 years now-
    and i was a really studious amd serious and instead of not knowing about christianity-i felt that i had exhausted it of everything it had to offer- islam is a progression- an enhancement – a spiritual and sociological evolution for me-
    its an adding not a rejection or reaction against christianity-
    not a sense of alienation or disenfranchisement in my society -as has been suggested- im a beautiful eurocentric blue eyed white woman- a poster child for white america- ive been gettig asked weekly for a solid 8 years if im a nun and often daily where im from- i wear hijab in light colors you see- so i guess your theory doesnt stand up to the facts of real life- but we all have opinions welcome to america weekend fischer

  • victoria says:

    Actually i found this site looking for SPECULATIVE THEOLOGY in islam- id apprecialte any direction one might offer

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