Jews of Conscience

September 6, 2006 § 5 Comments

I recently posted an article concerning a petition for solidarity with Muslims and Arabs of the Middle-East, written by Jews against Zionist hatred and bigotry. This article has created a flood of views however, not a lot of comments. So I would like to continue on this theme by posting a video clip from the Jewish Conscience blog. Even though it seems that people are afraid to comment on the issues. Please enjoy the video… it is powerful!


§ 5 Responses to Jews of Conscience

  • M. Shahin says:

    Thank you for featuring that video. I watched another video hosted by Muslims and Jews holding a conference saying it was necessary for both sides to come together to let the world know that this is not a battle between Jews and Muslims but that this is a fight against zionism.

    The video was amazing…I had tears in my eyes. I strongly support these people, and there are many who have come out and condemned the genocide against the Palestinians. Muslims should find hope among these voices because sometimes we forget that we are not the enemies of the Jews. We are against zionism, and many Jews who practice the true Jewish faith, have said zionism has no part in Jewish faith.

    We should support them and stand with them. This is how the path of peace can be pursued.

  • Concerned says:

    Muslims will be the cause of the end of civilization. They (80%+ who would not report a known terrorist) have no regard for the sanctity of human life and constantly prove their irrationality as they react to public statments with violence. Your “prophet” was a terrorist and has spawned 1.5 billion (well, 80% of you) terrorists.

  • Happy Holidays! says:

    Thank you for posting this! There’s new stuff up on Jewish Conscience, hopefully there will be video of some of the High Holidays actions soon…

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “Thank you for featuring that video.”

    You are welcome… it is extremely powerful isn’t it!

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “Thank you for posting this!”

    You are very welcome.

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