Islamic-fascism… Oh Brother!

September 3, 2006 § 31 Comments

This term Islamic-fascism although quaint, is not indicative of Islam. So the term Islamic-fascism should not be used in the way that President Bush has divisively used it. It is misleading and just adds fuel to the fire; vilifying the Muslim, implying that the U.S. and its “democracy” are the hero.

The claims of Islamic-fascism is a sly tool to get the Western minds wrapped around labels just as Technorati uses its tags. The more we talk about it, the bigger the tags become. Bigger and bigger the tags grow with the buzz of these labels. Until they can be conveniently placed into speaches and addressed by the President as a global front for a new war, as the press reported recently,

WASHINGTON (AFP) – U.S. President George W. Bush, trying a different approach to galvanizing support for the unpopular Iraq war, has framed it as the central front in a global war against “Islamic fascists”.

Now we have people all over the U.S. and Europe working “Islamic-fascists” into their daily remarks against Muslims. But who actually coined this phrase? Who was so influential that the President of the United States has revisited his claim of a “War on Terror” and substituted “Terror” with “Islamic-fascism”.

twofacesThe term was actually utilized in journalism first and one of those who popularized this term was an American journalist named Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz a journalist, left-wing neoconservative of Jewish heritage converted to Islam, though introduced to Islam through Sufi schools of thought. Schwartz who is now known as Suleyman Ahmad is also the Executive Director for the Center for Islamic Pluralism. Schwartz, a “vehement” critic of Wahhabism and the House of Sa’ud, he wrote a book entitled, “The Two Faces of Islam” which openly criticizes Wahhabism and the “Saudi regime”.

Schwartz along with other journalists are said to have intended the term to refer to “Islamist extremists” and terrorist groups like “al-Qaeda”. Personally, knowing a little of Schwartz and his strong criticisms, I think he always meant the term to refer to the Sa’udis. This is best illustrated in the word fascism as it means the following according to the American Heritage Dictionary:

fas·cism (făshĭzəm)

  1. often Fascism
    1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
  2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

This does not exactly describe groups such as al-Qaeda, Hamas or Nasrullah’s Hizbullah. But it could be an argument against the House of Sa’ud. At any rate Schwartz, the Jewish, neoconservative and converted Sufi Muslim is partly responsible for the sloppy handling of a hyphenated Islam. I hate when Islam is hyphenated… its just a personal gripe that I have concerning the portrayal of Islam in the media, and a gripe that I take very seriously.

My question is if you are a Muslim, why drag Islam through the mud? The typical Westerner will not differentiate Wahhabi from Salafi, to them it is all Islam. I am afraid that this has contributed to greater harm than any good that will ever be produced from this kind of terminology. The same point could have been made utilizing the name of the group or its constituents as fascists instead using a hyphenated Islam. For instance, these journalists could have used “religious-fascism” because technically if they are fascists they are not practicing Islam.

Ultimately, the political position that journalists such as Schwartz have provided is a means to target Islam and lobby anyone with ears to label a “moderate-Muslim” a good Muslim and therefore following Islam (which is bollocks). On the other hand a non-moderate Muslim is supporting Islamic-fascism. If the President of the U.S. were to use the momentum created by this terminology, who is to say that he would not target varying madhahib next. He might claim that Wahhabis are the progenitors of Islamic-fascism, but thats a stretch.

The point that I am trying to make is that creating a negative buzz around Islam will not assist in catching terrorists. It will only cause people to fear Islam and in turn Muslims. This is exactly the case concerning an article about a recent YouGov poll featured on Wa Salaam. The poll concerns Briton’s overall thoughts of Islam and a large percentage concluded that “Islam threatens democracy”, this is revealed in my article entitled “Islam Threatens Democracy?” when I wrote,

“[…]on a post entitled, “Majority of Brits Fear Islam“, Kudlow’s readers seem to agree that “Islam” is a threat to democracy[…]” (H. Abdullah, Wa Salaam)

In conclusion, it seems that when you have polls saying Briton’s fear Islam at such high rates, you know one thing for certain. The people are clueless and afraid, and those that could benefit from this know that anything which appears to be a sense of security and relief will more desirable than free Beyonce tickets. The Bush Administration and the media have been taking advantage of this fact since the “War on Terrorism” began. It kinda makes me wonder if the writers of the motion picture entitled, “V is for Vendetta” had a premonition or vision of what is to come.


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  • muslim says:

    assalamu alaikum,

    subhanallah.. i read this book by stephen scwartz when it came out.. i heard he converted but after reading his book cover to cover i thought it was impossible for a muslim to have written that book..subhanallah.

    he absoloutely abhors anything remotely related to saudi arabia and basically lumps hardcore “wahhabis” in the same boat as ppl like ISNA, siraj wahaj, muzzamil siddiqui, even hamza yusuf as all being in the exact same group.

    a lot of the book was giving legitimacy to the really hardcore shia and sufi groups (like hisham kabbani) because their religious practices were more in accordance with the jewish and christian mystics of old, and their use of music in worship, etc. he quotes a lot of stuff like ibn arabi in that book as well, not to mention a number of fake hadith. he goes through great lengths to promote anyone who is “anti-wahhabi” including khomenei! take this quote for example (p. 145) –
    “The rise of Khomenei and his colleagues electrified the ummah. His movement represented a diametrical opposite to the Wahhabi-Saudi axis ruling Arabia, combining all the things about Islamic civilization, Sunni as well as Shi’a, that the Wahhabis hated most. They enjoyed music…They belonged to Sufi orders and practiced dhikr, achieving ecstatic trance states in their quest for unity with God. They loved, onord, and praised Muhammad and his family, especially Ali and Husayn, with exceptional passion. They frankly admitted and sought to understand the esoteric, Gnostic essence in Islamic tradidition, the very mention of which stimulated Wahhabis to murderous frenzy. They rejected the paganism of the pre-Islamic Persian past but nonetheless studied and preserved its cultural remains…”

    thats just a small one theres plenty more. but the thing is these are the guys who will get an ear w/ the govt and media, because they’re so “anti wahhabi” and propping up the most left wing components of shia and sufism.

    i agree with your analysis on the moderate muslims and i mean after reading the book, thats who it looks like scwartz is really attacking. look at it like this, everyone knows that the terrorists or “fascists” or whatever are extreme and crazy. 99% of muslims would agree, and 99% of muslims are not like that. what scwartz has done though, is group us all together with them. and actually if you read the infamous RAND report from 2003 – they actually mention the fact that the US allows HIJAB is tacitly helping the terrorists!!

  • Dont Bother says:

    Mr.Schwartz is a neocon jewish extremist. “Islamic fascist” is nothing but a stupid buzz word for these people who are the true fascists. Bush’s desperation is obvious.

  • jshott says:

    Mr. Bush is trying only to accurately describe the reality of terrorist activity. Thus, applying the term “fascist” to today’s terrorists is apt. That the terrorists have been Muslim is an inconvenient reality, for Muslims.

    Americans are told that Islam is a religion of peace, yet they see undeniable evidence that Muslims want to kill Americans and other Westerners. Americans are told that the murderers are merely a small fraction of Muslims, a fanatic fringe of Islam, and not representative of Islam/Muslims generally.

    Unfortunately, due to a failure of Muslims to forcefully denounce Muslim terrorism and take steps to end it, the Muslim community is perceived as not opposing terrorism by the fanatic fringe. It is a short step from there to believing that all Muslims agree with murdering infidels. The only people who can change this perception are Muslims.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Mr. Bush is trying only to accurately describe the reality of terrorist activity.

    Did you actually read the above article? You seem to be commenting on the title…

    Americans are told that Islam is a religion of peace, yet they see undeniable evidence that Muslims want to kill Americans and other Westerners.

    Is that so? Why don’t you ask Muslims this very same question instead of referencing your own mind. May I suggest you start with Islam in the West”, it is an RSS feed of many Muslim-blogs throughout Europe and the Americas.


  • jshott says:

    This term Islamic-fascism although quaint, is not indicative of Islam. So the term Islamic-fascism should not be used in the way that President Bush has decided use it. It is misleading and just adds fuel to the fire; vilifying the Muslim, implying that the U.S. and its “democracy” are the hero.

    The above is the first paragraph of the article. Perhaps you should reread both the article and my comment. You seem to have the same sort of blindness about Muslim terrorism as other Muslims I have encountered. You seem to want to deny that it exists. Americans, and increasingly more and more Western nations, have seen first hand the violence that some Muslims are responsible for. Westerners understand through direct experience that the radical faction of Islam commits murder, and targets innocent civilians. I have found very few Muslims who are willing to acknowledge that, as if by not acknowledging it, it does not exist.

    Is that so? Why don’t you ask Muslims this very same question instead of referencing your own mind.

    Yes, it is so. What possible use would it be to ask Muslims if Americans have the picture of Islam that I referenced?

  • Dont bother says:

    Obviously Jshott doesnt know the meaning of fascism or anything beyond regurgitating a bunch of right wing talking points from the septic sewer of AM radio. He’d rather play victim to cover up his own governments crimes against humanity. Lets be real about this, it can be argued more soundly that most terrorists in the world are Americans, ask any of the countries they invaded in the last 60 or so years. Iraq has over 140000 of these terrorists who have killed over 150000 civilians after illegally invading the country, thats not counting the 1.5 million killed as a direct result of sanctions and depleted uranium. There simply is no comparison here.
    Bush and those who support his terrorist policies are the true fascists of our time. Jshott, you are one such fascist, a perpetual ignoramus and an apologist for crimes which can no longer be swept under the rug. One need not be a Muslim to see that clearly. Lest we forget, Samuel Huntington was on the money when he wrote “The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”

  • Abu Sahajj says:


    I have seen your attacks on other Muslims and you have turned your advances to Wa Salaam, now. Alhamdulillah, this means that I have arrived! Wa Salaam has finally become an irritant under the skin of neoconservative fascists such as yourself, if you didn’t know this was exactly my mission. As for your comments, I pray my responses are of benefit, inshaAllah.

    You seem to have the same sort of blindness about Muslim terrorism as other Muslims I have encountered. You seem to want to deny that it exists.

    No it is not blindness at all. It is knowledge, a knowledge of the Truth that you apparently are void of which is why your tendency is to make blind accusations of Muslims, lumping each and every Muslim of every ideology and origin into the very same category.

    This is typical of the Western governments which is why they have bumbled their way into ownership of historical records such as the “highest number of human casualties” in history. This War is not about anything other than “Rich White Men” protecting the interests of “Rich White Men”, which is not unlike others.

    This point is best illustrated by a quote from Elizabeth Martinez when she writes,

    “Before and during President Bush’s war in the Persian Gulf many people–including Raza [literally “race”; a term adopted by Latino activists]–had doubts about it or were opposed. We had learned some lessons about wars started in the name of democracy that turned out to benefit only the rich and powerful. Raza mobilized to protest this war of mass murder, even faster than the U.S. war in Vietnam, though we could not stop it.”

    My guess is that you are one of those “White men” who is already “rich” and powerful or one who would like to be and fulfill the American Dream.

    However, the truth is that America is changing and cannot sustain the “American Dream”, I am an American and as a citizen of the U.S. I too must have a dream, do you agree? In my “American Dream” I would like a Fair and Just foreign policy so that my relatives and constituents (even if they are perfect strangers) are not being killed for the sake of military occupation or as a result of capitalist ventures.

    The “American Dream” of old cannot be preserved without causing America to be hated both internally and externally. It is simply the nature of things… the problem I find is that the U.S. Government and neoconservatives like yourself think that the American people are spineless however on the contrary we are just patient!


  • Al McCollum says:

    To add a frivolous note to what is a very serious subject – it seems beyond belief that anyone would listen to anything that George W says about anything. The disappointing thing is that they do…

    Keep up the good blogging – thank you.

  • M. Shahin says:

    Islamic fascism is just another term to add among Bush’s stupid terms: war on terror, bringing democracy to the Middle East, etc.

    When I heard this latest remark, I threw it right out the window. Who believes a word coming out of this person’s mouth?

    He can barely articulate thoughts clearly or correctly. He barely knows anything about Islam or the Middle East.

    The real fascist is Bush himself, and there is no contender for that position.

    He is a laughing stock around the world. American’s themselves can’t stand him and he is an embarrassment to the U.S.

    Juan Cole of Informed Comment ( wrote a good piece on this, writing that Islam and fascism is not compatible, and are conflicting with each other.

    To read more visit this page:

  • jshott says:

    Don’t Bother: Pull your head out and wake up to reality.

  • jshott says:

    Abu Sahajj:

    No it is not blindness at all. It is knowledge, a knowledge of the Truth that you apparently are void of which is why your tendency is to make blind accusations of Muslims, lumping each and every Muslim of every ideology and origin into the very same category.

    Most of my comments about Muslims allow for the possibility that only a small, radical fringe are murderers and that only that small radical fringe wants to kill infidels. That possibility is not supported by other Muslims who, instead of trying to prove that most Muslims don’t want to kill infidels, simply deny that Muslims kill people.

    You have my sympathy, and my prayers that you will wake up before it is too late.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    You have my sympathy, and my prayers that you will wake up before it is too late.

    Listen Jshott… you have what you believe and I have what I believe. You may go your way and let me go mine. If we should meet again I pray that you are on the side of Justice and Righteousness and not sophistry. Your position is understood, and we are in disagreement. There is nothing more to say here.


  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Most of my comments about Muslims allow for the possibility that only a small, radical fringe are murderers and that only that small radical fringe wants to kill infidels. That possibility is not supported by other Muslims who, instead of trying to prove that most Muslims don’t want to kill infidels, simply deny that Muslims kill people.

    Jshott, if you would like to know why that is… an article written earlier this Summer will shed light on the subject from a perspective you will likely relate to.

    The article is located here.


  • Dont Bother says:

    Jshott, I am very much awake and know fascism when I see it. I see it in Bush’s face. I see it in his brutal invasion of Iraq. I see it the writings of those who justify the mass murder of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqis, and I see it in your regressive attempts to concoct a half-baked argument based on nothing but right wing delusions.
    Americans like you are a disgrace and ultimately will be nothing more clueless lemmings.

  • Jay Tea says:

    Perhaps I can help here. No offense, but I get the impression that English is not your first language, and it might be helpful if I break it down and spell it out for you.

    “Islam” is a noun — a person, place or thing. “Islamic” is the adjective form — it modifies a noun.

    In this context, the key word is “fascism” and “fascists.” The governing structure put forth by the Taliban, for example, met many of the criteria of fascism. They based that on their vision, their version of Islam. Fascism is usually based on a theory of supremacy. In Hitler’s case, it was racial. In the Taliban’s case, it was religious.

    Calling people like the Taliban fascists is pretty fair. To link their fascism to Islam is also fair; they proclaim themselves following “the true Islam,” and cite chapter and verse to support their actions.

    As I say, the term “Islamic fascist” does not say that all Muslims are fascists, nor are all fascists Muslims. It means that there are fascists who USE Islam to justify their form of fascism.

    It’s the responsibility of decent Muslims to stand up to them and denounce them. They ought to be the forefront in fighting them — but aren’t.


  • jshott says:

    Don’t Bother,

    Until you acknowledge the existence of Muslim terrorism, until you understand how non-Muslims view Islam because of its terrorist minority, until you understand that the fascists are those Muslims terrorists and people like Saddam Hussein and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, you will have no clue what is going on around you.


  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “Islam” is a noun — a person, place or thing. “Islamic” is the adjective form — it modifies a noun.

    OK… let me exploit your ignorance for one moment… Islam is not a noun! In Arabic which is the original language of the word it is an adjective and functionally used as such. If it were a noun the definite article alif lam or the tanwin would be used with it… however I have never seen this used. The details of this are partially described in the following text,

    “More complex answer (which may give some hint of why there is some imprecision in the English usage of these terms): “Islam” is an verbal noun meaning submission, “Muslim” is a participle meaning “one who submits.” I have only seen in Arabic an adjective formed from “Islam” (islamii for masculine nouns, or islamia for feminine nouns (where a=ta marbuta ). I have not seen an adjective formed from the word “Muslim” in Arabic.” (World Association of International Studies).

    We the Muslim community refer to Islam the way it was taught. You refer to your own minds which is why you cannot comprehend it or its function in our World. It is the antithesis to your lifestyle of hedonism and self-indulgence. You should become a Muslim to save yourself… because what you have going is not helping you become a decent person at least in your writings here on these posts…

    Jshott and Jay Tea, both of have shown arrogance typical of everything I have described about you… in my previous comments, my dear fellow countrymen, when I wrote,

    “This is typical of the Western governments which is why they have bumbled their way into ownership of historical records such as the “highest number of human casualties” in history. This War is not about anything other than “Rich White Men” protecting the interests of “Rich White Men”, which is not unlike others.”

    But then again maybe I should revisit this statement because you two are not Governments at all… what adjective and noun should I use instead. I will let the readers decide that.

    wa ‘alaik al-Khafid

  • Dont Bother says:

    Jshott and Jay teabag, read my first post. When will Americans denounce American terrorism and Amero-fascism? Most terrorists in the world today are white males from the US. Its that simple. Speaking of lack of profeciency in the English language, I suggest you dimwits read the article with a dictionary on the side.

  • Mohamed says:

    The problem is many muslims, especially in the west were following wahhabism without knowing. It takes courage to admit that, and the sufis payed the price for that and they now have an axe to grind. It was Sheikh Kabbani who first raised awareness of that. That is what ISNA, CAIR and ICNA and others were following the past 30 years. They are all offshoot of the muslim world league established by Saudi arabia and then the muslim student association was formed then they created various branches.

    There is a lot of truth that Khomeini was influenced by the egyptian muslim brotherhood who in turn were influenced by wahhabism and their grand sheikh Ibn Thaymiya.

    The common denominator they all shared is islam is not just a religion but a state and sufism is bad.

    Its time american muslims admit to that and they should know that americans are now able to see whats happening.

    Americans should also admit that their courting of Al Saud has come with a heavy price and Bush is hiding the reality and is focussed on the neocon desires more than his country’s safety.

  • DrM says:

    “Mohamed’ you are a fraud just like your “Sheikh” Kabbani, the neocon affiliated “sufi.” This is nothing but a pathetic attempt to label and any and all Muslim organizations who do not fall in line with your right wing propaganda as “wahabis.” This baiting routine is getting old.

  • Mohamed says:


    Then why do you guys ALWAYS have problem with Kabbani. I will tell you why, Wahhabism! Thats why!

    You hate and despise him becfause he revealed the truth about how you guys were brainwashed. Stop eating free food by saudis. Learn yourself.

    First he was a grave worshipper, then an innovator deviant, now he is a neocon. Your hatred for him comes from your wahhabi background. If you don’t like the western government then buzz off from America or Europe.

    Go to your Najd where wahhabis reside.

  • Mohamed says:


    § Supporters of traditional Islamic doctrine approached the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), requesting that mainstream Islamic scholars be represented at their annual conventions, as opposed to restricting the convention to one ideology primarily representing only a sect of Islam. The request was ignored, thus, one of the oldest and largest Muslim organizations discriminated against traditional scholarship in Islam, to present only one ideology – theirs – when there are many different schools of thought in Islam.

    § ASFA opened a booth in the ISNA convention, determined to have differing viewpoints in Islam represented by scholarly literature, if not by the scholars themselves. From the moment the booth was opened, the ISNA security officials demanded that the booth be closed and that distribution of the literature cease, as it was deemed “un-Islamic.” This is a direct violation of freedom of press, and freedom of religion, both founded in the constitution of this country. After a thorough investigation of the material being distributed, not one item proved to be objectionable. The case was merely discrimination against an organization ISNA disfavored. [note: The former president of ISNA, Abdalla Idris Ali, recently made a public statement regarding this particular incident, stating that ISNA, during his tenure, wronged ASFA regarding this issue.]

    § The Shura Committee of the Muslim Community Center in Chicago, IL successfully prevented Shaykh Yusuf Rifai, a well-known Kuwaiti scholar who adheres to traditional Islamic beliefs, from delivering a Friday sermon at the mosque after he had officially been invited to do so. No valid reason was given.

    § The Shura Committee of the Muslim Community Center in Chicago, IL, unsuccessfully attempted to bar Shaykh Hisham Kabbani from delivering a Friday sermon at the mosque in which he was invited to lead prayers. His invitation was from the board of directors, specifically Imam Niconiso Abdullah. They gave no valid reason for this discrimination and complicated matters by involving the local police.


    · The Advisory Shura Committee of the National Muslim Student Association’s Internet Email Discussion list officially banned any discussions of topics involved in any way with “Sufism” or Islamic spirituality. In doing so, they officially and permanently removed from their list any persons deemed to be “instigating” discussions of these topics. This extremist bias by the Advisory Committee represents a very small percentage of the Muslim community, that of the Wahabi ideology.

    · Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi was dismissed from the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) board of directors based on her affiliation with another Islamic organization with a differing ideology.


    § A massive campaign to subvert the 1st International Unity Conference in Los Angeles, CA was conducted by many mosques and Islamic organizations in Southern California. This resulted in death threats to the organizers and in two bomb threats by Muslims the opening day of the conference.

    § The 1st International Unity Conference in Los Angeles, CA, featured distinguished guests from around the world, including a significant number of national activists and scholars. Many of the domestic “leaders” who were invited who had differing viewpoints than the conference organizers stood on the podium and denounced the conference organizers and their beliefs. Rather than come in the spirit of unity despite differences of opinion, these leaders disgraced themselves, their hosts, the audience and the image of the religion. One leader, Sayyid M. Saeed, approached one of the chief financiers of the conference, urging him not to support the host organization, slandering them and their beliefs.

    § A delegation of Muslims who wanted to attend the ISNA conference this particular year reserved rooms in the local hotels and found that just prior to their travel, all of the hotel bookings had been cancelled by an unidentified person. This was evidently done to keep the delegation from attending the conference that year.

    § In September, one Northern California activist tried to organize an event with the San Ramon mosque, the San Francisco Mosque and the San Jose Mosque, to be held in space rented from the Muslim Community Association (MCA). Irfan Sa’ada, a committee member for MCA events requested a detailed outline of the proposed event. When the activist sent him an outline for the event, he approved of the speakers and events. Shortly thereafter, the activist added and confirmed the acceptance of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, and Mr. Sa’ada replied saying that the committee was not happy and did not want the program to take place anymore. He did not give any specific reason for the refusal and cancellation.


    § After a small conference held in Chicago, members of a traditional Islamic organization finally began to speak out and question why they were being discriminated against by ISNA and other large, national organizations. They tried to work with the then president of American Muslim Council (AMC), Mohammed Cheema, who pledged to try and facilitate dialogue between different organizations. What resulted weeks later was a phone call from ISNA president, Muzammil Siddiqi, who tried to ban distribution of traditional literature, rather than try to work towards resolution. After listening to the requests of the traditional organization, Mr. Siddiqi said he would consider the issue in detail but to this day has not responded, resulting in further misunderstandings and divisions within the Muslim community.

    § During this year’s ISNA conference, a group of individuals who began to recite salutations and prayers for the Prophet (s) of Islam were ordered to be silent for no reason. They were not disturbing anyone, and it was custom for them to do so after the obligatory prayer. Furthermore, several individuals once again questioned the ISNA president on how mainstream Muslim scholars may be represented at their conferences and once again, no action was taken regarding this request. This illustrates the long-term goal of this organization to restrict and censor the dissemination of Islamic information and authentic scholarship to the masses of Muslims in this country.

    § The chairwoman of the American Federation of Muslims from India (AFMI) advised the conference board to feature Shaykh Hisham Kabbani as a main speaker for the AFMI conference. Board members from AFMI were happy to invite him but faced opposition from the Indian Muslim Relief Committee (IMRC), an ISNA affiliate. With much intervention from several key figures, he was invited to open the conference by reciting for five minutes from the Quran, but was not allowed to speak. Afterwards, Mr. Manzoor Ghori of the IMRC, wrote a letter to all organizers of the event condemning the invitation of Shaykh Kabbani, and subsequently held a meeting specifically to reiterate his condemnation. Not one other person had an objection to Shaykh Kabbani, and in fact, he proved to be a very popular guest with everyone, especially the ex-Prime Minister of India and the Civil Aviation Minister.


    · Shaykh Kabbani was invited to speak at the American Muslim Council (AMC) conference in June. Shortly before the conference, extensive pressure was put on the organizers to prevent him from appearing as a speaker. The organizers did not acquiesce to this pressure and Shaykh Kabbani addressed the conference.

    · Character misrepresentation: During the AMC conference in June, one participant, AA, shared her unfortunate experience several years prior, when a person came to her home in New Mexico posing as Shaykh Kabbani. This impostor engaged in reprehensible behavior, intentionally defaming the character of the shaykh whom he was posing as. This resulted in years of character defamation which still carries negative repercussions for the Shaykh today.

    · In an attempt to boycott the 2nd International Islamic Unity Conference in Washington, DC, the following incidents took place:

    a. Two months prior to the conference, student members of various Muslim Student Associations (MSA’s) in the US and Canada alleged that they had received an informal directive asking them to begin a slander campaign against the Unity Conference organizers. Campaigns on the internet by Muslims went as far as accusing the chairman of the conference, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, of being associated and financed by Israeli intelligence sources.

    b. Simultaneously, a wide-scale disinformation campaign was launched in many mosques across the country. Individuals at the mosques were told by the mosque leadership that the conference was something outside of the realm of Islam, and that the renowned international scholars who were attending were all anti-Islamic government agents.

    c. Just prior to the conference, many invited international speakers were sent letters describing how the conference was an effort to promote unbelief and innovation, and if they attended they would be supporting something against Islam. Interestingly, only those speakers who received visas were sent the letters. Meanwhile, speakers from the US received calls from the embassy of one Muslim country, who told the speakers that if they attended the Unity conference, their stipends from that nation’s Islamic organization would be cut. Based on this, some speakers canceled their appearance.

    d. Muzammil Siddiqui, president of ISNA, spoke to a reporter with the Dallas Morning News, allegedly slandering the conference and its organizers, undermining the legitimacy of the Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA) and its chairman. The reporter was confused as to whether or not he should attend the conference based on this assessment, and later shared with ISCA that he was fascinated by the differences in opinion with Islam, as he had only been exposed to the sect that ISNA and Muzammil Siddiqui represented, “a very narrow approach,” as he put it.

    e. At Dulles International Airport, a Muslim INS agent by the name of Shane Phelan used his government post to aid in his part of facilitating the mass boycott of the conference. In one reported incident, as the passport agent questioned travelers on their intent on visiting the US, he told one visitor who came for the conference that he should not attend. He proceeded to give out names and numbers of individuals this attendee could contact to hear more slander about the conference and its organizers. One of the names he provided was Idrees Palmer. Mr. Phelan used his position with the government to misinform individuals entering the country about the conference.

    f. While the Mufti of Kosova was present at the Unity Conference, not one member of the Kosova Task Force, USA, attended the conference to greet the Mufti of the country whom they claim to offer humanitarian aid, clearly showing discrimination against the conference organizers who hosted the Mufti, the highest religious authority of a country. Although the American Muslim Assistance’s Kosova Crisis Center had the full authority to collect funds on behalf of the Mufti of the country, one of the few people who could guarantee its distribution, the Kosova Task Force specifically secluded the AMA from becoming part of the task force, while nearly every other Muslim organization was asked to join efforts.

    g. At the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA, the imam agreed to host the numerous Muftis from Islamic republics who were coming to address the conference. At one of the Friday congregational prayers services, just prior to the conference, board members of the mosque began harassing individuals who were distributing conference promotional material, quelling the distribution and going even further and fighting publicly with these individuals. The police were called to the mosque and confirmed that distribution of literature on the property was allowed.

    § Nov. 7th, an event sponsored by the Berkeley MSA was boycotted by the majority of its constituency after a slander campaign was made to prevent people from attending.

    § At the Muslim Arab Youth of America (MAYA) conference in Los Angeles, a booth owner who was distributing Islamic literature was told to close his booth and leave the conference claiming falsely that his material was “un-Islamic.” The gentleman, NM, replied that he paid for his booth and he would stay until the conference finished. At this, the conference organizers called the police and issued a civil arrest against the gentleman. When a handicapped Muslim woman tried to speak in defense of the gentleman, MAYA staff members pushed her aside nearly making her fall. It was visibly apparent that the woman was handicapped, yet none of the organizers appeared concerned that they might harm her.

    · Two members of the new governing body in the Shura Council of Southern California (of which MPAC is a member) were voted out and dismissed. Both of these members happened to be Shi’a Muslims.


    · One particular voting member of the Shura Council of Southern California was specifically kept out of a meeting (comprised of other voting members and others) to discuss how funds raised at a fundraiser would be distributed. The Shura Council collected $300,000 and without the consent and consultation of all members, decided to give the money to the Islamic Relief Organization.

    · Members from many Muslim organizations were present at the First Lady’s White House Eid celebration, yet only one person, Shaykh Kabbani, chairman of the traditionalist Islamic Supreme Council of America, was repeatedly slandered for attending and for showing support for the administration via his presence.

    · Seven “leading” national Muslim organizations issued a very misleading statement against ISCA chairman Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, after he spoke at the State Department’s request on the topic of Islamic Extremism. Instead of following the Islamic etiquette of disagreement and speaking directly with Shaykh Kabbani about their concerns, they immediately sought a broad-based dissemination of their defamatory claims without regard to the truth. By cutting and pasting his statements, taking them out of context and distributing them to the masses, they incited nationwide hysteria amongst the Muslim community, not to mention endangering the lives of Shaykh Kabbani, his family and his associates. They sought to obtain signatures from many national Muslim organizations, saying that they too supported the condemnation of the shaykh, even though most of the organizations didn’t see the transcript of the forum or see the videotape. Many leaders, such as the respected Imam WD Muhammad, spoke to Shaykh Kabbani directly and said they signed without knowing what they were signing, only because they were pressured to do so.

    The real irony in this case is that the distributing organization, CAIR, claims to defend Muslims from negative stereotyping in the Western media, however, they sent emails all over the world stereotyping other Muslims. Not one Western media outlet came forth with negative images of Islam in response to Shaykh Kabbani’s forum, however, CAIR incited their own worldwide negative stereotyping campaign in Muslim media.

    To further add to this, Dr. Robert Crane, a well-known former diplomat and convert to Islam was approached by AMC director Aly Abuzakouk and others, summoning him to write an article condemning the shaykh for his comments. Rather than complying with this absurd request, Dr. Crane wrote an interesting article not only agreeing with the statements made at the State Department, but giving further evidence of the rising tide of extremism within Islamic organizations and outside funding.

    § In response to the above, one individual, Hisham Abdullah, went well beyond his limit in issuing a formal declaration of boycotting Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, his staff and his supporters within the Muslim community at large. In his widely disseminated statement, Mr. Abdallah issues the following as his guidelines for an effective boycott: 1. Do not greet or talk to anyone who has made a statement of support, or is known to be a close follower of Shaykh Kabbani but has not denounced his accusations. 2. Completely boycott any activities, programs, publications or forums sponsored by the organization and 3. Not dealing with the above individuals and organization in any business transaction. Dr. Hamid Algar, a professor at UC Berkeley also wrote supporting this boycott.

    How is this level of thinking possible in the United States of America, where one is born with the freedom of speech? For speaking his thoughts, Shaykh Kabbani and his followers deserve to be physically, socially, religiously and economically boycotted? In issuing such a ruinous proclamation, Mr. Abdallah and Dr. Algar have made a number of Muslims suffer psychological damage from these self-imposed “sanctions”, not to mention the economic and physical repercussions of not being able to shop in designated Muslim grocery stores and to eat in Muslim restaurants. Where were the “defenders” of Muslim civil rights when this boycott was announced? This was sent worldwide, via the internet, yet not one Muslim organization came to declare the civil injustice and inappropriateness of the action. This was the first time in the history of Muslims in America such a boycott was implemented, infringing upon American citizen’s constitutional rights, and clearly an act of domestic religious persecution.

    This original boycott has escalated into a massive boycott by 100 organizations nationwide sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), who has committed to continue calling on other groups and individuals to join them in their campaign against Shaykh Kabbani and his followers.

    § The following is another incident of how the original condemnation by CAIR has had adverse effects, and even life threatening ones, to Shaykh Kabbani. This is one of many similar scenarios across the nation: “This incident took place in my house in Indiana,” writes SK. “I met with some people from my area and we were having a very general and peaceful conversation about the American Muslim community. Somehow, the name of Shaykh Hisham was mentioned and the people said that he was not even Muslim. They said he was a disbeliever, and that he was destroying the Muslims in America. I asked people why they felt this way, and they said because they had been reading the CAIR reports. I told them I had met him and admired his character as a Muslim. After some further discussion, they realized that they could not base an opinion on CAIR reports only and that they must meet him in person to discuss the issues at hand before condemning him.” CAIR’s slander and character assassination of another Muslim has spread from major media outlets to numerous organizations, and even to the individual home, all without CAIR ever approaching the individual before issuing their condemnation.

    § Maher Hathout, Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) met with several Jewish leaders in Southern California urging them to sign an agreement which would make MPAC the sole representative of Muslims in America to the US Government. This exclusionary tactic was implemented without the knowledge of the average Muslim citizen, most of whom do not agree with Mr. Hathout and his staff’s liberal, modernist ideology, which most certainly is not representative of traditional Islam. Again an overt example of one group trying to assert themselves as the voice of Islam in America at the expense of the silent Muslim majority.

    § Executive Director of CAIR, Nihad Awad, was interviewed by a widely read Arab newsmagazine in response to the condemnation that CAIR had issued against Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. During the interview he stated he was the “owner of a consultant seat for Muslim civil rights in the White House.” Upon calling the White House directly, it was found that there was no such seat awarded to this individual. Also, the Department of Justice noted that they too did not have verifiable information to this effect. Misinformation such as this leads those in the Arab world to believe organizations like CAIR have authority and legitimacy in the US, which helps these types of organizations gain more funding and worldwide support, when in fact they do not carry such authority.

    · Feb. 20, An unsuccessful attempt to stop an event with Shaykh Hisham Kabbani as the main speaker which had been planned by the Rutger’s University MSA was instigated by the National MSA leaders. The event went on as planned, despite attempts to sanction the local MSA by the national organization. It turned out to be one of the most successful events ever conducted by the Rutgers MSA.

    § CAIR defended a Muslim taxi driver who refused to service a blind woman because her seeing-eye dog accompanied her. They claim that the driver rightfully denied her service due to an “Islamic ruling on dogs.” According to traditional Islamic scholarship, in the Maliki school of thought, one may keep dogs for seeing, as in this case, hunting or security reasons. Rather than look into this matter on a deeper level, CAIR actually denied the human and civil rights of the woman, citing an “Islamic” justification. This is a clear example of CAIR infringing upon the civil rights of the non-Muslim public as well. [note: In this case, it is interesting to note that the editor-in-chief of The Minaret Magazine, Aslam Abdullah, is quoted extensively denouncing CAIR’s behavior in this issue, deeming it completely un-Islamic and firmly stating that it was a “good thing that this organization [CAIR] does not represent the majority of Muslims in America.]

    § In reference to the media event [see introduction] in Santa Clara, CA, when organizer Maha El-Genaidi was approached for an invitation for a leading Islamic figure in the community, her verbal reply was a direct refusal and later in writing she stated: “I am writing to ask you to please ask him [Shaykh Kabbani] not to attend.” So, in “preserving” the non-Muslims already distorted view of Islam and Muslims, Ms. El-Genaidi finds it more appropriate to discriminate against her fellow Muslim rather than present a view of Islam which is valid, yet not of her own liking or understanding.

    § A landmark discrimination case implicating a regional CAIR representative and his alleged intimidation of an African-American convert to Islam in Southern California. This case illustrates the direct abuse of power on the part of Hussam Ayloush, Southern California CAIR representative, and also manifests the alleged hidden agenda behind this organization’s funding and political interests. The woman involved alleges that Mr. Ayloush recently accosted her, verbally humiliating and attacking her in the Garden Grove Mosque in Orange County, CA. This was all in relation to a very intricate case surrounding the high-profile murder of a young, Afghani youth in Southern California. A detailed case study is being researched and cross-checked at this time and will be made available when all information has been verified.

    § May 31, ISNA convened a meeting of all Imams of mosques in the San Francisco Bay Area to promote Islamic unity. When the representatives of Masjid al-Tawheed, founded by Shaykh Kabbani, arrived they were asked to leave, despite the fact they had received a letter inviting their attendance. Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi stated to the gathered leaders “we are sorry to have to bring up this matter… but the community has instituted a boycott on Shaykh Kabbani and his organizations and therefore we are asking the representative of his organizations to leave.” The representatives left in order to avoid further embarrassment. Four members of another mosque affiliated with Shaykh Kabbani, arrived only a short while later. They participated in the entire meeting, and only after it was over were told, “You should not have attended as you are under a boycott.” When they stated they had received a written invitation to attend, the matter was dropped.

    § June 5, Muhammad Akram Qureshi, distraught over legal battles, embarrassing arrests and a restraining court order preventing him from attending his local mosque, the Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC), doused himself with gasoline on the steps of Westminster Justice Center and set himself ablaze. Qureshi, 50, died a short time later at UCI Medical Center, after suffering burns over 80% of his body. ISOC members, outraged at the incident, formed an Action Committee to investigate the mosque’s alleged responsibility for the tragedy. The committee expressed that the blame lay with the mosque’s administration and director, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, who is also president of the largest national Islamic organization ISNA, for pushing the depressed Qureshi to suicide by their preventing him from attending the mosque, harassment, multiple incidents of having him arrested, and finally enforcing a court-ordered ban on his attending the mosque.

    § June 8, Southern California. Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), hosts Ambassador Seiple of the State Department to speak at the Islamic Center of Southern California. When Ambassador Seiple objected publicly to the “de facto” boycott against Shaykh Kabbani and his organizations, mosque director Dr. Maher Hathout appeared extremely upset and stated his affront at the matter being addressed at an MPAC-sponsored event. When admonished by a number of members of the audience supportive of Shaykh Kabbani, the mosque’s administration nearly responded by sending in security personnel to silence them.

  • Mohamed says:

    Now you see wahhabi?

  • DrM says:

    Actually I dont, “Mohamed,” I didnt bother to waste time reading your cut and paste neocon nonsense posted a week after my last reply. Kabbani is a fraud, and no, I’m not a “wahabi” you blithering idiot. Maybe you and the degenerates you hang out with would have some credibility if you werent in bed with practically every neocon zionist slime ball in town.
    Nice try but no falafil for you kiddo.

  • […] But this should have been expected, history has a tendency to repeat itself which is why the people all over the world do not trust the US Government. In one of my more passionate responses to a reader I wrote, “This is typical of the Western governments which is why they have bumbled their way into ownership of historical records such as the “highest number of human casualties” in history. This War is not about anything other than “Rich White Men” protecting the interests of “Rich White Men”, which is not unlike others.” (H. Abdullah, Wa Salaam) […]

  • Selamaleykum and eid mubarak,

    I am indifferent to attacks on me by ignorant people who have nothing better to offer than insults about my heritage or politics. I am also unimpressed by threats of any kind.

    THE TWO FACES OF ISLAM was translated and published by the Bosnian ulema as an official document of the majlis of the community. The Bosnians had 250,000 shuhadaa in the late war. Their judgement and support is enough for me and much more valuable than the silly jabs of amateur scholars.


  • DrM says:

    Ofcourse you are “unimpressed” Schwartz, or should I say “Comrade Sandalio” from your trotskyst days? You can get whoever you can to translate your rubbish but it’ll have few takers. You’re not now or ever a Muslim, you’re a extremist jewish neocon charlatan in bed with every crooked outfit like your buddy Kabbani.
    How about somebody writing a book titled ‘the many, many faces of Stephen Schwartz.” I’ll bet that sell more copies then the 3 you sold on Amazon.

  • […] For example I read a book by Stephen “Suleyman” Schwartz entitled, “The Two Faces of Islam” (I wrote an article about this called “Islamic-fascism… Oh Brother“) where the author offered a position that was such a turn-off that I literally never picked the book up again and I’m sure the same has happened for me and this blog. When I write I often consider how a controversial topic should be presented for long hours and at times I’ve chickened out of offering a risky position for fear of turning the audience against me. But risk, good or bad, guarantees some kind of excitement for the reader. […]

  • Yursil says:

    I write about Suleyman Schwarz here:

    BTW: nice book you are reading! 🙂 I just finished that! How do you find it so far?

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    “BTW: nice book you are reading! 🙂 I just finished that! How do you find it so far?”

    Thank you for the link… and “A Peace to End All Peace” is a nice book. However, I would have liked a book that was less from the inside of Asquith’s Cabinet and more from the inside of Enver’s madness or despair depending upon who’s looking at it.

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