The Nation: Neocon Dreams, Our Nightmares

August 29, 2006 § Leave a comment

Absolutely one of the best articles that I have read in weeks. Brooklyn College English Professor, Eric Alterman suggests that the neoconservatives running this country are “dangerously out of their minds”. A point I have trouble disagreeing with… this article is written with the satirical punch of an educated Left-winger which is entertaining but weakens some of the more serious arguments. However, Alterman does a nice job as he highlights the wild-eyed and “relentless” approach of neoconservatives concerning Syria and Iran when he writes,

“Taking what might be considered the moderate neocon position on the Israel/Hezbollah war, the editors of The New Republic demand that the Bush Administration “move ruthlessly to prevent Iran from acquiring the deadliest arsenal of all,” while their contributor Michael Oren calls only for an Israeli, rather than an American, attack on Syria. Next door at The Weekly Standard, William Kristol sees no point in playing coy. Having already called for an American attack on Syria twenty months ago, he is now beating his bongo for an immediate “military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.” (E. Alterman, The Nation)


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