IDF Compromises Agreed Ceasefire

August 19, 2006 § 14 Comments

AFP reports IDF compromises ceasefire agreeement between Israeli forces and Hizbullah. What a surprise, we didn’t expect that coming…

“Israeli commandos carried out rigid raid on a Hizbullah stronghold deep inside Lebanon Saturday, in the first major incident since a fragile ceasefire took effect, as French troops began deploying to reinforce U.N. peacekeepers.” (AFP; Naharnet)


§ 14 Responses to IDF Compromises Agreed Ceasefire

  • Me2 says:

    we didn’t expect that coming…

    Assalamu Alikom,
    In fact it’s very much expected, Israel’s violation of the conventions is something usual, it happens everyday with palestineans, it happenes while they’re using Cluster bombs, it’s not the first time & will never be the last.
    But ofcourse someone will appear on the CNN telling that it’s Israel right & was a self defence againest Hezbullah’s terror!!!!

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    In fact it’s very much expected

    I know… when the agreement was made I was going to make a post on this blog declaring the Israel will be the first to break the deal. However, I didn’t because I thought it might compromise a possible peace and add unnecessary cynicism.


  • Jon says:

    It was brought on by Iran and Syria secretly trying to rearm Hezbollah, which actaully broke ther cease fire before Israel did. Not so surprising the Lebanon would go straight to Kofi Annon complaining that Israel broke the cease fire, but failing to tell him that Iran was secretly rearming Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah had no intention on disarming despite agreeing to the cease fire which called for them to disarm.

  • Dont Bother says:

    Jon you’ve been watching FOX news again, why should Hizbollah disarm when Israeli terrorists are still in Lebanon? If this is about UN resolutions, Israel has about 60 plus of those to fulfill before pointing the finger at anyone else.

  • The Real Republican says:

    Ah yes, FOX news…that dirty media agency that lies about everything happening in Lebanon.

    Tell me Dont Bother, who broke resolution 1701?

    What you seem to forget is a UN resolution is about as reliable as a Yugo on a cold morning…especially when it comes to enforcing them. How many were passed trying to control Saddam again? Calling Israelis terrorists because they occupy territory controlled by Hizbollah – an organization dedicated to their destruction – is like saying the police shouldn’t patrol gang infested neighborhoods.

    Seriously, if Israel fired rockets into Lebanese cities unprovoked, set off car bombs and carried out suicide missions on innocent people, I’d expect Lebanon to move into Israel and occupy for their protection as well. This story goes both ways, unfortunately the resolutions only seem to apply to Israel.

  • Me2 says:

    They wish to disarm all the middle-east & let Israel to be the only forced one with neculare bombs!!
    I feel pity for such minds
    While Israel used to show off it’s power & telling the world that it’s armed with the latest technology, still the kids who stone the tanks identified as terrorests.
    and as i said:
    But ofcourse someone will appear on the CNN telling that it’s Israel right & was a self defence againest Hezbullah’s terror!!!!
    Rule #1 in:

  • The Real Republican says:

    Resolution 1701 called for the disarming of Hizbollah, not Lebanon. Israel agreed to it and stuck to it. It was Hizbollah that fired at Israel and kidnapped their soldiers.

    There is a big difference between a peaceful nation with a superior military and a terror group that ignores diplomacy.

    But of course, someone will appear on Al Jazeera telling us it’s just Hizbollah protecting Lebanese civilians against Israel; forgetting who the agressor is and who’s hiding behind those civilians. Lovely!

  • Dont Bother says:

    Since when did you become a fan of the UN resolutions regressive republican? What about the 60 plus resolutions Israeli is in violation off? Soldiers are not “kidnapped” but capured, and those precious Israeli soldiers of yours were caught red handed in Lebanese terriroty so please spare us the FOX news right wing wing nut spin.

  • The Real Republican says:

    You might wish to do a google search of all national media that showed the soldiers were kidnapped (or “taken” if you will) inside Israeli borders. No spin, just a fact from the liberal media.

    60 plus violated resolutions? Care to list them? Care to disect the each parmeter of each resolution?

    Let’s start with the latest cease-fire which calls for Hizbollah to disarm. When Israel has proof Hizbollah is rearming, staging such a raid is no more a violation than the rearming itself.

    Let’s take res 1701, which called for Lebanon to disarm Hizbollah. Soldiers are “taken,” rockets are fired into Israel and suddenly Hizbollah has 12,000 katushya rockets. FOX News calls that a violation of 1701, but I guess its just spin…right? It’s only when Israel fires back that it becomes a violation in your terms.

  • Abu Sinan says:

    Business as usual. Now I bet if Hizb’Allah had did it the USA would back military action against them.

  • Wa Salaam says:

    Saniora Accuses Israel of Inhumanity

    “Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Saniora on Sunday accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity during its month-long offensive on his country saying,
    “This is a criminal act which reflects Israel’s hatred to destroy Lebanon and…

  • Dont Bother says:

    Like I said earliar Retarded Republican, I’m not interested in what FOX news has to say. Why dont you go look up the dozens of resolutions Israel has violated for decades using the same google engine you use to handpick extremist websites to form what counts as your opinion. When did the same folks who flaunt UN resolutions right and left become such fans of enforcing them? Only when you can use them against others.
    There were no rocket attacks until the Israeli terror bombing after their soldiers were captured in Lebanese territory. The death toll speaks for itself. You and the rest of spinmeisters arent fooling anyone with your white right wing bullshit. You lost the war, deal with it.

  • The Real Republican says:

    Dont Bother…I’m not on here to fight or call names. I enjoy reading Wa Salaam and think it’s a very well written blog.

    What I think is most hilarious of your comments back to me is you forget that most of Israel is liberal. Most Jews in America are Democrat. This isn’t a left or right thing. Nor is it a Republican or Democrat thing. It’s a difference between a militant group that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and all Jews and a soverign nation that will do whatever it takes to defend itself and its freedoms.

    As I’ve said before, if Israel declared war on all non-Jews and organized decades of terror on innocent non-Jewish civilians, I’d stand against them and support military action.

    And speaking of action, you mention the death toll in one sentence then say “you lost the war” in the next. Interesting way of looking at it. Does it bother you so many died because of Hizbollah’s tactic of fighting behind civilians? Seriously…I’m curious of your opinion and others.

  • Dont Bother says:

    I can see I’m wasting my time with you regressive republican. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt but you sir are vile hypocrite armed only with talking points yanked from right wing websites and the horseshit fed to you by FOX. You simply choose to remain ignorant all the while giving us the zionist fairy tale version of the Middle East conflict. I dont care whether Israel is liberal(as if that excuses their behavior) or not, its a terrorist state guilty of numerous crimes against humanity. Yes Israel lost, it could not accomplish its objectives of stealing more Lebanese territory, including access to the waters of the Litani river and supposedly getting 3 of their soldiers who were caught in Lebanese territory. Ofcourse I’m only pointing this out for the other readers who are not ideologically invested in being zionists, right or left. It would take several posts to correct your simplistic misinofrmation, and I certainly am not going to waste time teaching you history going back beyond 5 years or so.
    Your stupidity is daunting, your attack on Al-Jazeera was laughable, do you even know who owns it? Rupert Murdoch, the same man who owns your beloved FOX news. You complain about Hezbollah, yet that group did not exist until Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982. No retarded reptile, you’re going to keep flapping your tainted lips about “hiding behind civilians” while arming israelis with latest weaponry, you’re going to keep carping about ONE UN resolution while ignoring 60 plus others. I bet you also believe that Saddam was behind 911, and had wmd etc. This why people around the world see you for the mass murderers that you are. Dont have to be a Muslim to see that.

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