George Galloway on Al-Jazeera

August 18, 2006 § Leave a comment

On August 8, 2006 Al-Jazeera aired an interview with George Galloway. Mr. Galloway has recently gain attention for the tongue-lashing he gave Israeli-based Sky News concerning Israel and the War with Lebanon which began last month.

In this interview Mr. Galloway was asked questions relating to the special interest the US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blaire have in their foreign policy which ultimately call for the support of Israel, militarily and financially. This was best illustrated when the interviewer asked,

“There is identity or harmony – and some even say subordinate relations – between the American and British policies, in a way that sometimes seems detrimental to British interests, or even to the popularity of the British prime minister. Could you explain this, at least from your perspective?” (Al-Jazeera)

Mr. Galloway’s response to this question is very surprising if it were coming from a statesman, but Mr. Galloway has been criticizing the foreign policies of Britain and the US for a very long time now… and he continues this trend when he says,

“Well, it’s the same kind of relationship that Ms. Lewinsky had with the former U.S. president. It’s dishonorable, disreputable, unequal, and humiliating for a once great country to be the tail of the American dog, when the head of the dog is as crazy as Bush is. It’s very degrading for us. Our foreign ministry knows this very well. Our ambassadors in the Arab countries know this very well. They tell Mr. Blair, though not loud enough, not courageously enough, but he’s not listening to them, because he has this special relationship with George W. Bush, which is not only degrading but is placing our people in danger. Our interests are being sacrificed as a result, and the name of our country is being dragged through the mud everywhere in the world. We are now the third most hated country on the earth, after the United States and Israel. This is not a place that most British people want to be.” (George Galloway)

The interview was actually very interesting, I never anticipated George Galloway to hit the political scene so hard at this time. After his petition for money from the Arab world I started to think… what if he is financially supported by an Arab businessman or government official or better yet someone even more exclusive? What would that mean for Galloway? What would that mean for British politics? What would that mean for Blaire? This was very unexpected on my part… you may view the video here, however it is in Arabic.


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