Non-Muslim Wants to Date Muslim…

August 17, 2006 § 4 Comments

yahooanswersOn Yahoo Answers, a student asks if it is permissible to date a Muslimah (Muslim-girl) when he says,

“There is this girl in my class that is just so beautiful! We talk very casually but over the past year I have came to develop a huge crush on her. We are in college and she is a Muslim. I feel that because I am a white, non-religious, American that she would not even consider going out with me!”

The young man inquiring doesn’t believe in God but wishes to date a Muslimah, if you have some insight you can answer his question here.


§ 4 Responses to Non-Muslim Wants to Date Muslim…

  • aishahdhorat says:

    Could you answer the person>?

    You should say that a real Muslimah shouldn’t date people as it is against Islam but if she isn’t practising and she goes into that stuff she may say yes. But she shouldn’t say yes and it’s better to leave here so that she doesn’t fall into sin.

    oh and don’t mention my name please.

    Nice blog by the way.


  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Nice blog by the way.

    Thank you for you comment and the compliment as well.

    jazakAllah kheir,


  • Kari Ansari says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    To the American boy who has a huge crush on the Muslim girl…
    Perhaps he feels an attraction to her because of her faith, not despite it. He says he is non-religious, but he does not say he is an atheist. If I was speaking to the boy I’d say the following:

    If the young Muslim woman is seriously practicing Islam, she will not accept your advances, she will shyly retreat from them. Even if she is struggling with following all the tenets of her faith, becoming involved with her as a non-Muslim male runs the risk of creating great havoc in her life. It’s likely her parents would not accept your attention toward her and this would cause terrible tension in her relationship with her family. Family relationships in Islam are extremely important.
    I’d like to ask you to look into Islam a bit because quite often God works to bring you to his grace and mercy in very profound and often incomprehensible ways. Perhaps you see something in her that you would like to have in your own life. What you are looking for may not be her, per se; it may be the light she carries in her soul that comes from knowing God and having confidence in her beliefs.
    Reading this website or going to other sources such as or or many other sites I’m sure the editor can recommend is a good place to begin. I’d also recommend my magazine, America’s Muslim Family Magazine,, (a shameless plug!)


    Kari Ansari
    America’s Muslim Family Magazine

    p.s. Jazak’Allah khairun for recommending our magazine. Our late Summer issue is in the mail, look for it within ten days or so, insha’Allah.

  • islam says:

    assalamu alaykum plz email me.

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