Leo Strauss and the Origins of Terrorism

August 16, 2006 § 1 Comment

Recently, Brother Rasheed Moore posted a series of documentaries about the Neocon ideologies and how they relate to Islamist regimes and Terrorism. The feature is produced by the BBC and is a three part series which places Leo Strauss and his theories as a launchpad to anti-liberal, Neo-Conservative Movement. Br. Rasheed had this to say about the series,

“This is a three part documentary that aired on BBC about the Godfather of the Neocon movement Leo Strauss and his students in contrast to the development of the Muslim Brotherhood including an account of the life of Sayyid Qutb (Rahimahullah).” (Rasheed Moore)


§ One Response to Leo Strauss and the Origins of Terrorism

  • Who are the neo-conservatives? What do they want ? Should the world be scared of this new type of conservatism ? What is the difference between an ordinary conservative and a “neo-conservative”. What do neo-conservatives want from me? Should I as a Muslim be scared of a neo-conservative if I ever came across one ?

    Much has been written, spoken and taught about the political philosophy known as neo-conservatism amongst “those in the know”. However the common person is still in the dark about this most important of political philosophies that is shaping the world we live in.

    Here is your opportunity to put your view forward regarding this philosophy and its proponents. How do you rate this way of viewing the world ? How should Muslims such as me respond to neo-conservatism ? Is neo-conservatism a force for good or evil in today’s world?

    For many the idea of neo-conservatism has become as synonymous with dark forces as the Illuminate and freemasonry have been in the past. I think it is about time that this philosophy is debated in a wider circle than just “those in the know”.

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