Israel Pushes Offensive Hours Before Cease-fire

August 13, 2006 § 3 Comments

“Israel pressed ahead Sunday with its expanded offensive in Lebanon and Hizbullah fired more rockets into Israel just hours before a U.N.-agreed ceasefire was due to come into effect  aimed at ending the month-long war.” (Naharnet)


§ 3 Responses to Israel Pushes Offensive Hours Before Cease-fire

  • Moriarty says:

    You are right! Not so secret as they would like:

    Pakistan, Saudi Arabia in secret nuke pact –

    Saudi Arabia’s nuclear gambit –

    …….and many, many more. Just Google it.

    Another 48 Shiite men, women and children, and 148 injured today by Sunnis. No call for demonstrations for stopping inter Muslim murder in Iraq I notice?

  • me2 says:

    thanks to uncle sam to let muslims fight eachother
    maybe now you can understand that putting your noses inside something that doesn’t really concerrn you can make life more peacful (except if we talked about oil in Iraq & USA’s eager to control it)
    ,,, also we have to consider tha double standards in dealing with the israili problem in the middle-east
    Maybe you should also read the american History (whitch isn’t that much,, about 400 years) & remember Heroshima & define terror
    maybe,, you can tell me how much of native citizens were killed so the united states were founded,,,
    now you can tell me that got nothing to do with the post above,,, I can tell you neither your reply

    & salam from a muslim woman and if you don’t understand salam it means peace

  • me2 says:

    and yes,,, excuse my english

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