Israel: The Jewish-State

August 8, 2006 § 6 Comments

aipacIn light of the Massacre at Qana where innocent women and children were viciously murdered by Israeli militants, the relationship between Israel and the United States has begun to raise eyebrows. What is this strange relationship that the US has with Israel? And why do they seemingly support Israel in a political movement like Zionism?

It all began in the early 1900’s when a flood of European Jews immigrated to Palestine to escape persecution at the hand of Europeans. This occurred at a time when Europe was riddled with anti-semitism and bigotry. The very same anti-semitism that culminated into the Nazi Party and its agenda.

The immigrants began to purchase large settlements of land from the Arab land owners of the Ottoman Empire. The Jewish immigrants of Palestine began to develop the lands which they purchased for farming. Overtime they strategically purchased a significant portion of land and not long after there were discussions of developing a National Jewish Homeland.

Then in 1919 Faisal-Weizmann Agreement which undermined the popular Arab sentiment was signed which supported the actual development of a National Jewish Homeland. Several agreements were made thereafter, but then an Arab discontent began to rise and riots broke out in opposition of the development of a Jewish Homeland on Palestinian grounds.

After World War I and the removal of the Khalifah from the Muslim World, European (British and French, etc.) nations were in control of the former Ottoman Empire (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc.) and they administered each province or mandate as a colony. There was no governmental super-power to support the people of Palestine and their interests.*

Palestinians and Israel exhibited their discontent in a bloody war (The War of 1948). Eventually, Israel was supported by the British Government with training, weapons, etc. The World Zionist Organization which was established in the 1880’s was an active organization and allowed an easy transition for its members into the seats of governing officials to provide governmental body of Israel.

These are the roots of Zionism and to make a long story short in the midst of fighting Israel declared itself a Nation and the British, US and Soviets quickly recognised it as an independent state and supported it financially and militarily.
*This is the advent of Nation-States in the Islamic world which is against Islam.


§ 6 Responses to Israel: The Jewish-State

  • Matt says:

    Israel is such an enigma. If the Old Testament is any indication, it is pretty clear that the nation of Israel and the land of that region has been (and probably always will be) riddled with confusion and war (as well as blessigns).

    In general, I don’t blindly support Israel, and definitely not all their military practices. When it comes to the current battle I do side with Israel because they are fighting against a terrorist group. But again, their tactics are not really the best.

    I always pray for peace in that region. Will it ever come? Who knows, it seems like something always comes up to cause problems. I do think that Israel has a “right” to be there just like many others so they should not be simply pushed aside.

    Not really sure if I am adding anything to the conversation, but just thought I would throw that out there.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    When it comes to the current battle I do side with Israel because they are fighting against a terrorist group.

    I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that Israel got its start as a terrorist group… and is currently financing an REAL apartheid… as a country we Americans are self-absorbed which is why we are involved in foreign affairs that seemingly have no resolution.

    They actually do have resolutions however, the American people don’t know much about the foreign relations that their government has been wielding for the past 100 years. People don’t know what to believe as illustrated when you wrote,

    “Israel is such an enigma.”

    As a result people in general only know of the US’s relationship to the Middle-East as it relates to maybe the last 20 years, maybe 30 but that is a big stretch.

  • Matt says:

    Israel got its start as terrorist group? Hardly.

    America is involved in foreign affairs because we aren’t, and shouldn’t be, self-absorbed. And regardless of US involvement, Israel has a right to their land.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Israel got its start as terrorist group? Hardly.

    Matt… do you know the history of Israel and how there came to be an occupation of Palestinian lands? If you do not what are you doing coming to a conclusion… you should be studying! Researching! Learning what the hell is going on!

    Here are some leads:

    The World Zionist Organization
    The European Persecution of Jews (prior to WWI)
    The Immigration of European Jews into Palestine
    The Weizmann-Faisal Agreement
    Herbert Kitchener of Khartoum
    The Fall of the Ottoman Empire
    The European Mandates (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq)
    The Arab Revolt
    The War of 1948 (Arab-Israeli Conflict)

    Matt the list goes on… if you don’t know about this stuff you have got a long way to go before you make any claims. BTW I’m glad you’re back, thanks for coming.


  • Matt says:

    Except that going back thousands of years, the land has always been Israels. And there have always been battles for that land. There will probably continue to be battles for that land. Just because you say the land belongs to Palestine doesn’t make it so.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    There will probably continue to be battles for that land. Just because you say the land belongs to Palestine doesn’t make it so.

    If that is the case the Native American has the right to destroy your house and remove you from wherever you live here in the US and if you resist… kill you then be praised for it by a particular group of consituents. C’mon Matt…wasalaam.

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