The Propaganda War Begins

August 5, 2006 § Leave a comment

It is the intention of Wa Salaam to present our readers with well researched articles about Islam and other religious topics as well as news and politics as they relate to American Muslims. If we have in any way misinterpreted and/or mistakenly reported something in error, please notify us immediately and the issue will be corrected, if in fact there is an error.

In addition, alt.muslim has published an article discussing the recent upsurge of slander, defamation and down-right sabotage in the media concerning the Israel/Lebanon Conflict. It appears the information-super highway has aided in a new battle-front however the soldiers are actually non-combatants; not Navy Seals and Marines but sympathising Bloggers and Technocrats as illustrated when Amanullah of alt.muslim writes,

“With so many sympathisers watching the Israel-Lebanon conflict from the sidelines, the propaganda wars between them are taking liberties with the truth.” (Z. Amanullah, alt.muslim)


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