Chomsky Apologetics for Injustice in Palestine

August 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

I have been watching the opinion of the occupation of Palestine slowly change gears here in the US. I have also noticed that the American people (myself included) are generally clueless about foreign affairs except to what they are being spoon fed at 10 and 11 o’clock, by Fox, NBC and other trustworthy networks.

Consequently, I have learned that among US politicians the subject is almost taboo and is avoided like the plague. I found this so strange that I went looking for a third voice on the subject, and that is the voice of the American scholar. I wanted to know what the great minds of our time had to say of the subject. Not long after my search began I found an article that refers to the the thoughts of Noam Chomsky as they relate to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In it Dr. Chomsky says,

“There has never been a legitimate proposal for a democratic secular state from any significant Palestinian (or of course Israeli) group. One can debate, abstractly, whether it is ‘desirable.’ But it is completely unrealistic. There is no meaningful international support for it, and within Israel, opposition to it is close to universal. It is understood that this would soon become a Palestinian state with a Jewish minority, and with no guarantee for either democracy or secularism (even if the minority status would be accepted, which it would not). Those who are now calling for a democratic secular state are, in my opinion, in effect providing weapons to the most extreme and violent elements in Israel and the US.” (Noam Chomsky)

In addition to these interviews and lectures Dr. Chomsky has written many books, one of which is called “The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians” in 1999. This book along with Dr. Chomsky’s ideas are highly criticized however well respected. He has also lectured at New York University and although I have not been able to attend any, I heard that they were were an evening to remember and I would suggest paying a visit to any lecture where Dr. Chomsky may be speaking on foreign affairs as they relate to the Middle East.


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