Abu Sahajj’s Journal #1

August 1, 2006 § Leave a comment

RosesweetI have been staying up late these last few nights, trying to figure out exactly how to coordinate the carnival. For those that do not know yet, I was recently inspired by a carnival that I participated in… the inspiration came and developed into The Carnival of Islam in the West. So far there has been a great deal of enthusiasm and interest, especially in hosting.

However, with all of this attention aimed at Wa Salaam and its efforts trying to balance that with my family and day job has me up late at night while my wife and children are sleeping. My eldest son Sahajj is in summer camp right now and I rarely get to spend much time with him. After camp I am planning to take him to work with me two Fridays in a row, that way he can also go to the masjid for Jumua’ah with me and ‘amm (Uncle) Hesham.

In addition, the middle boy Diwani is becoming very rebellious. My wife says that he is spending too much time with her and needs to be around children his age. The youngest Salah well, he is not born yet… but he is doing well inshaallah.

As for my wife I pray that a business venture that I am currently involved in goes through. Because if it does, I will be able to take her on a well deserved and much needed vacation, inshaallah rabb l ‘azzim! I would like to visit l’ Misr this winter… but that is a stretch, I would actually be just as happy going to the Poconos. Please make dua for me and my family. Also make dua for those families over seas who are suffering and I will do the same, inshaallah.



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