Zionist’s Children Send Messages on Missiles

July 23, 2006 § 3 Comments

The following link is to a post found on a blog called Salika Sufisticate. The post shows children signing missiles with messages to Hezbollah. What they are not telling the children is that their message may be received by a small child not unlike themselves. If this is an example of Zionist interests in child education, I… I… I too am speechless along with a commenter as he responds to the post saying,

“Honestly, I am speechless … I pray that Allah raises from them and from us people who will love peace and look to love and heal humanity as they love themselves.” (Abu Ali)


§ 3 Responses to Zionist’s Children Send Messages on Missiles

  • SC&A says:

    I suppose decades of ‘Itbach Al Yahud!’ and messages of hate learned in schools and perneted in media and preached from the pulpits have had their effect.

  • DesertWind says:

    Asalaam ualeikum!
    I have some pictures about this on my blog aswell..
    I just wish that thease pictures would be shown more around in the world.I always hear that we muslims make our children “fanatic” that we teach then to “hate”..but..I never hear the opposite —-> that the jews would do this.Somehow it seems to be a different issue then..some are allowed to do so some are not..

    Thease pictures are showing only one thing ;that the adults are teaching their children to hate muslims.Children are always innocent..May Allah swt guide then to the right path, Mat they find islam in their hearts amiin.
    wa aleikum salaam your sister in islam Stockholm Sweden

  • PuttornonaFom says:

    wasalaam.wordpress.com – great site !

    I like your site – wasalaam.wordpress.com .

    I think it wasnt easy to post here so much information.

    Best Regards


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