Bill Kristol says, “We have to be ready to use force”

July 23, 2006 § 3 Comments

It is as if the politicians and US Officials have learned nothing from the debacle in Iraq. I am beginning to believe that there is a theme of world domination underlying these military advances… this morning Bill Kristol appeared on Fox and suggests moving troops into Iran saying,

“We can try diplomacy. I’m not very hopeful about that. We have to be ready to use force.” Kristol claimed the people of Iran would embrace “the right use of targeted military force.” He added that military force could “trigger changes in Iran,” causing them to embrace regime change.” (Faiz, Think Progress)


§ 3 Responses to Bill Kristol says, “We have to be ready to use force”

  • Sharon says:

    Really? They can afford another war? Wonder how the U.S. is going to get the extra budget for that.

  • Chandira says:

    I’m currently reading Peter Singer’s book, ‘One World’, about the Globalization process, that mentions Kristol’s article in The Spectator, a UK magazine, and how he hoped that the whole Iraq war would ‘bring down the UN’, with the hope that that would leave room for the US to take over the forming of a ‘New World Order’. How scary is that? This guy should be stopped, and fast.

  • Chandira says:

    I should mention my husband is Jewish, and that the ‘Zionists’ are really not the best way to represent the nation of Israel, who are by and large opposed to this whole deal, from wha I can gather. It’s not the fault of the people in the street. It’s politicians on either side, with their own agenda. Please don’t assume it’s all Jewish people that want a war. They just want to feel safe in their own homes too, like any of us.

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