The Muslim Marriage Guide (Part 2)

July 22, 2006 § 1 Comment


I have been analyzing my views lately and also taking a look at who is interested in “Wa Salaam”. Interestingly enough, the most popular topic for the past 2 weeks was a blurb that I wrote about marital problems I was having… huh? I was a little disheartened, because if you look at the work I have been putting into some of these articles I thought that they would certainly be more interesting than my marriage problems, which have since resolved.

But then I realized that the only reason people are so interested is because it was in fact eventually resolved. So then I got to thinking there are probably a lot of couples having marital problems right now! And although I have recommended (and still do) “The Muslim Marriage Guide” by Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood, you should know it does fall short of being a proper “Guide” for an Islamic marriage.

Marriage is a difficult process with the most beautiful outcomes and I wish you all much success in finding the right spouse for you, inshaAllah. There is another book I will recommend which is certainly a more complete book on Islamic Marriage but a slightly more difficult read, the book is called, “Blissful Marriage: A Practical Islamic Guide” by Dr. Ekram and Dr. M. Rida Beshir.

Also… alot of you Muslims may be looking for a spouse on-line which is also a frustrating and difficult process. So I have added a video-tutorial on on-line marriages to give you an edge on the process, please enjoy…


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  • Salam Abu Sahajj, i think the issue is that people like to read something they can connect to. In that post you wrote about your personal experience, and that connects the post to the reader and grabs his interest. Btw, that Ummah Films guy is really funny and some of his other videos are beneficial. This one i felt was a bit exaggerated, but that’s what made it funny. I also recommend the Beshir’s books, mashaAllah very well written and helpful.

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