What Religion Is Right For You?

June 30, 2006 § 12 Comments

Click for QuizFarm.comBACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Asalaamu alaikum. Have you ever questioned your faith? Has your hidden personal agenda ever conflicted with the values of your religion. Have you ever wondered, “What religion is right for you?” Well I ran across a game from QuizFarm.com that may be able to help you find the answers you seek. But when you play please keep in mind that this is a game and take it lightly.

However, consider that there may be some truth to your answers and the result may indicate whether you are on the Straight Path or in need of some serious spiritual counseling. If you wish enter your score in the comment section…

By the way I scored 83% Islam… if thats worth anything to you, wasalaam.

You scored as Islam.


Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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§ 12 Responses to What Religion Is Right For You?

  • bereans says:

    Hi Al-Hakim!

    Good to have you visit over at The Bereans! Look forward to getting to know you. I tried the quiz and here are the results:











    I guess no surprise there 🙂

    What responses do you think made it identify you as Islamic?

    Take care,


  • Wager Witch says:

    I have always felt that the only true religion was one where you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. No violence – no hatred – no racism – and ultimately the belief that everyone on this big blue marble is going around and around in space – and they’re all equal no matter what they believe in as long as they share love, peace and equality and having fun – without having fun at someone else’s expense, hurt or pain.

    Yeah – ok – so I’m a dreamer.


    Wager Witch

  • S. W. says:

    Interesting — somehow mine came up with 79% Satanism! Uh, no, that doesn’t fit me at all, I would never worship Satan. However, the 79% Agnosticism and 83% Atheism are much closer. I consider myself an Apathist — I don’t know, can’t know, and thus shouldn’t particularly care what grand scheme may or may not exist in the Universe. But if I had to care, it would have to be in favor of debunking the obvious illogic in most or all modern religions.

  • Al-Hakim says:


    bereans I thank you for visiting “Wa Salaam” and hope to see your comments regularly. I would like to answer your questions as best as I can and I pray the answers will help you, inshaallah.

    8 All adults should pray daily.
    9 There should be no images, statues, etc.
    of God or his messengers.
    10 Everyone is responsible for his or her
    own good and bad deeds.
    12 God does not ever have a physical, nor
    human body.
    13 I believe in a set of specific rules on
    how to live my life.
    14 Jesus, being a prophet, should be
    respected; however, being a man, not be
    18 Modest dress is part of self-respect and
    should be practiced by everyone.
    24 There is only one God, and He is not
    42 The name of God should be highly
    respected and not used carelessly.
    50 It is better to forgive your enemy than
    to seek revenge.
    51 Women and men are equal in the eyes of
    54 One should not follow any rule or
    commandmant without full belief and
    understanding of it.

    These are VERY BASIC tenets of Islam either from God via The Qur’an or The Sunnah (Traditions of The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh).

  • Al-Hakim says:


    S. W., it concerns me that your result leaned toward Shaytan. Although you may think Shaytan is a red demon character with horns, my guess is that Satanism is the practice and belief in Materialism and the worship of that which is Material: mundane and temporary.

    I would like to share a story with you if you don’t mind…

    “A conversation took place between the scholar and the leader, Ja’far as-Saadiq and an avowed atheist. Ja’far asked the person:

    “Have you ever travelled on the sea?”


    “Have you experienced its terrors?”

    “Yes, indeed! One day while we were out at sea, a terrible hurricane blew up and smashed our ship. Several sailors perished. I clung to a rafter of the ship but it was soon snatched away. I was thrown about in the stormy sea but eventually was tossed up on the shore.”

    “When the storm broke,” Ja’far commented,

    “perhaps you first relied on the ship and the sailors for your safety and then on the rafter which saved you for a while. But all these went, did you resign yourself to death or did you still hope for safety?”

    “I hoped for safety.”

    “On whom did you hope for safety?” The man was silent and Ja’far said:

    “The Creator is the one on whom you placed your hopes at that time. And He is the one who delivered you from drowning.”

    After this conversation, the atheist was no longer an atheist.


  • S. W. says:

    Were I the “atheist” in that story, I would have simply responded that I rested my hope on a string of random occurances that could result in my survival. It is far easier to believe in the accumulated results of random events — since this is readily observed on a daily basis and in recent history — than a supernatural power with arguable motivations and intents. It’s not my role to dissuade you from believing what you want — it’s just not likely that I’m going to start ignoring what I can see for something that others blindly trust to exist.

  • Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum brother.

    SubhanAllah, mine actually came up 100% Islam! And 75% Buddhism, which doesn’t surprise me.

  • Abu Sahajj says:

    Mashaallah sis.

    You must truly be a “WriteousSister“!


  • Aaminah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    I don’t think so. I was actually much more surprised to get a complete 100% in Islam than I was that I had a high Buddhism score. Hmm, maybe it’s just that I know the “right” answers to what I’m supposed to believe, even if I sometimes fail in the application of it.

  • Dirty Butter says:

    I took the test, and I was surprised to come out only 83% Christian, with Bhuddist coming next. I’m a little surprised, but I felt comfortable with most of my answers. There were a few that I didn’t really like any of the choices. Those must have been the ones I chose the Bhuddist choice. Very interesting.

    Welcome to BLOG VILLAGE!

  • mattl says:

    I came out as a pagan. I’m actually an athiest.. not sure if that’s actually an option.

  • Beth says:

    Apperently I’m mostly buddhist, then Islam then Pagan…I’m wiccan actually but pagan and wicca go hand in hand so…I dunno I’m a tad surprised with my results, but I’m sure whoever wrote this test wasn’t thinking from a dianic-wiccan’s point of view.

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