Near Tragedy At The Masjid

June 24, 2006 § Leave a comment

Nuh's Ark(Brooklyn, NY) On June 23, 2006 midday after Jumua'ah prayer Brothers & Sisters were leaving the Masjid when tragedy nearly struck. After the khutba was over and Sunnah prayers were all said-and-done we began to exit. In the lobby is an elevator, typically young people and those in a hurry take the stairs while while women, children, elderly and some who are just taking it easy wait for the elevator. Oddly enough there were a lot of healthy men taking it easy yesterday!

To make a long story short the elevator got stuck because the weight of the passengers exceeded its capacity and there were about a dozen people inside. The New York City Fire Department had to be called and several people were treated in the ER due to the lack of oxygen in the elevator.

No one was seriously injured mashaallah, but I know it was very scary. Maybe next time those healthy men will take the stairs with the rest of us and leave the elevator for the women, children and elderly… inshaallah.


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