Ask A Muslim?

June 2, 2006 § 6 Comments

Asalaamu alaikum, I would like to use this post to offer the readers & friends of “Wa Salaam” the opportunity to ask questions that you may have had about Islam, whether it concerns our faith and practice or traditional customs such as clothing, etc.

In addition you may ask me questions that relate to my experience as a Muslim-American. I will answer your questions as best as I can and if your question is beyond the scope of my knowledge, I work closely with an Imam, Rabbi and a Priest that I can easily use as resources.

So… do you have any questions?

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§ 6 Responses to Ask A Muslim?

  • Chandira says:

    What do you make of fundamentalism, Muslim or Christian or Hindu?

  • jamal says:

    Asalaamu alaikum

    good post.

    to the questioner, “fundamentalism” is only bad if its practice transgresses the bounds of that religion. If it solely means implementing the fundamentals of that given religion, then this would only be considered good to another member.

  • How is it possible that there are so many wrong interpretations of Islam, spreading a totally distort picture by defending countless crimes with being Allah’s will??
    Why can’t Islam be brought to ONE denominator teaching and following the REAL message of Allah the way it is written down in the holy Qur’an?–>

  • Dan says:

    I am confused about something. I understand that Sunni’s in Iraq hate Americans and feel justified in killing American soldiers. What I don’t understand is why the Sunnis and Shi’ites kill each other . More Muslims die by the hand of another Muslim than by Americans.

  • Wa Salaam says:

    A Question on Fundamentalism

    In my last post I gave Muslim and more specifically non-Muslim readers of Wa Salaam the opportunity to ask direct questions about Islam. My intention was to allow the Internet community a chance to ask a Muslims questions whether simple or complext; pe…

  • Ragheb Alama says:


    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Ragheb Alama Website Team.

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