Do You Believe In God?

May 14, 2006 § 2 Comments

The other day I noticed my son asking me extraordinary questions concerning God. For example he repeatedly asked, “Can we see Allah”. He also makes a point to come in my room when I am making as-salah and make one full raka’a with me. Then he’s done, I think it is so cute! He starts out very serious and as he follows my lead into atayah, I see his interest fading. Possibly because his Arabic is not so good, my Arabic is not so good so I blame myself, but I’m working on that.

Lately, he asks his Christian Grandmother (maternal) if she believes in Allah? In fact he asks her this at every opportunity it seems. From my observations it seems that he is really putting the pieces together and trying to figure out the meanings of things in a philosophical way beyond our conversations. It seems that he is developing a conversation with the Self, questioning and establishing his own relationship with his lord. Watching this is phenomenal! I feel it is time for me to enroll him in a weekend madrassa Al-Islam, (masha Allah) and bring him to the masjid* and spend some time with him… just him and his Baba!

*Note: In Islam, children (boys or girls) are not obligated to make Fardh Prayers or attend Juma’ah (Congregational Prayer) until puberty.


§ 2 Responses to Do You Believe In God?

  • Jalilah says:

    It is amazing to witness children discovering their natural fitra. Wait until he is older and can ask more pointed questions. My daughter is learning the attributes of Allah. She is great with making the connections with here every day surroundings. For instance, when Summer turned to Fall and we watched nature changing. She would say Al-Khaliq created those trees, instead of just saying Allah or God did.

    Sadly, she always questions her paternal grandmother on her Chritian beliefs. She will say to her, why do you worship Jesus and not Allah. Oddly enough, her grandmother responds with a lack of conviction of her own reasons for “worshipping a prophet” as my daughter would say. This which is great for me since I don’t have to worry about combating this concept. Of course her inquisitive nature calls for us adults to always be on point. Double-edge sword, but a blessing nontheless.

  • Hakim says:

    Wow this post is so old… its funny to look back and see what was going on back then. It is also funny to see what I was posting on this blog! I actually think that this post rolled over from a project that I was working on over at

    But, it is still nice to see. As for my son, the eldest of 3 boys, he is into the Quranic stories by GoodwordKids… they are authored by Saniyasnain Khan. The best one is the “Goodnight Stories from the Quran“, its an excellent book for ages 2 – 7.

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